More Than 200 Rare And Coveted Watches Go Up For Auction By Ineichen Zurich This Weekend

F.P. Journe, Ineichen Zurich.

True watch collectors looking for their Holy Grail pieces may not need to look any further than the upcoming main and off-shoot auctions by Ineichen Zurich that will take place next weekend, November 20 and 21, both online and in person. The auction house is selling some impressive and rare  timepieces by both big brands…

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How to Wear an Hour Glass on Your Wrist: Konstantin Chaykin’s Carpe Diem

“Seize the Day!” A saying that in today’s fast-paced world we seem to forget. Did it mean more in yesteryear?  Or are we just too busy to take the time to seize a day, or even an hour? Well, Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin (who we covered here before- with his amazing Cinema watch) understands time…

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Introducing Cinema on the Wrist – the Powerful New Russian-Made watch by Konstantin Chaykin

We don’t often cover the world of Russian made watches, but today we do – because one top watchmaker brings Cinema to the wrist. Konstantin Chaykin – known for his incredible pieces – unveils the Cinema watch – that – with the push of a button at 9:00 — features an animated depiction of man…

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