U-Boat is all about oversized cases, left-side crowns and resistance to the most extreme conditions. Its highly distinguishable watches were conceived of by Italo Fontana in the year 2000 after he had discovered drawings that his grandfather, Ilvo Fontana created in 1942 in response to a request by the Italian Navy to design watches for its pilots. Italo was inspired by those drawings and created U-Boat watches, billing it as “A New Dimension in Time.”

Watch Brands Exhibiting In Person At Couture Show In Vegas

Couture Show 2021

Well, it is finally happening. An actual in-person jewelry and watch show is taking place next month in Las Vegas. The Couture Show, typically held in late May/early June and postponed last year and earlier this year due to the pandemic, is opening its doors from August 24 through the 26th — with more than…

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