Swatch Surfs the Big Waves with New Swatch by Coco Ho

 |  September 15th, 2016

  Competitive surfing was the highlight at Trestles Beach in Southern California, where the Swatch Women’s Pro Trestles was held, September 9 through 12. Swatch has been a sponsor of women’s pro surfing, and competitive surfer Coco Ho, a Swatch brand ambassador since 2010, was on hand to formally introduce the watch she designed, Swatch by Coco Ho. As part of the Swatch Pro Team, she partnered with the Switzerland-based brand to create a timepiece she “could wear straight from…

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Collectors’ Corner: How Swatch Love Turned to Serious Watch Love

 |  October 28th, 2014

by Amit Dev Handa (Las Vegas collector) My love affair with watches began when I was 13 years old — with Swatch watches. I was lucky enough to be exposed to a retail environment and family business where I was around these incredibly accessible art pieces that ticked all day long. This changed the game for me totally. I learned about limited editions, supply and demand, economics, fashion, culture, music and originality all at the same time. I was starting…

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Collectors Hooked on Swatch Watches

 |  March 6th, 2014

Just about four months ago, I was fortunate enough to travel to Paris and Switzerland with Breguet. (You can read about that trip here, here and here.)   One particular night during that trip, I met a gentleman wearing tomato-soup-red pants and sporting a Swatch watch on his wrist. We got to talking and – turns out – the gentleman is an avid Swatch watch collector. A big collector who has hundreds of  Swatch watches. We got to talking. You see,…

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Affordable “Astronomy” – The Swatch Sistem51 is Finally Out

 |  February 22nd, 2014

Back in 1983 – I remember it well — Swatch bounded in as the first Swiss fashion quartz watch and saved the world – well, the Swiss watchmaking world, that is. The country was dying a not-too-slow death in the wake of the Japanese quartz movement and the Swiss refused to embrace the concept that people may not always want a mechanical watch. Nicolas Hayek, the visionary entrepreneur who formed coalitions and more to save the industry, also spearheaded the…

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More Happy Chinese New Year Horse Wristwatches

 |  February 3rd, 2014

Last week, on the exact Chinese New Year, we presented a slideshow here of great horse watches created in honor of the Chinese zodiac – Year of the Horse. Before we move fully into the year, we wanted to present a few others that we were unable to get into that slide show — brands ranging from Swatch to Panerai. Enjoy.

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