Why TrueFacet.com’s Brand-Certified Pre-Owned Division Is Garnering Accolades

 |  September 19th, 2018

It was just last month that TrueFacet.com, leading luxury online marketplace for acquiring and consigning fine jewelry and timepieces, launched its Brand-Certified Pre-Owned division.  It marked the first time that an e-commerce site could offer Brand-Certified Pre-Owned watches and jewelry.  The announcement quickly garnered attention of such publications as Forbes.com, Robb Report  and even TechCrunch. Why? Because heretofore, the only real industry that has been able to build a strong business on Certified Pre-Owned is the auto industry. It is totally…

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Meet the People: A Dozen of the Wealthiest Swiss Watch “Families” Today, and How I Know Them

 |  March 3rd, 2017

  Sure, Forbes has its billionaire lists and its highest-paid athletes/CEOS/celebs lists, but they don’t have the list that is currently out and circulating of the richest people in the Swiss watch industry. The wealthiest Swiss watch families include names we are all too familiar with, including Rupert, Hayek, Stern and Scheufele. Here we bring you a look at a dozen of the wealthiest Swiss watch  families (or individuals) today and how I know them. Recently our friends and colleagues…

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Raymond Weil’s Maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Edition Pays Homage To One Of The Greats

 |  May 14th, 2015

Music is often a driving source of inspiration. How many times do we hear a song and be whirled away to a different moment or a different memory?  Music has a way of capturing time itself. That may well be why Raymond Weil has teamed up with Frank Sinatra Enterprise to create a timepiece reminiscent of the musical legend who has been a source of inspiration for generations. The new Raymond Weil  Maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Edition watch celebrates  the 100th anniversary of Frank’s birth…

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Recalling Times with Watch Industry’s Raymond Weil who Passed Away

 |  January 27th, 2014

When people ask me how I got into the watch business, I tell them it is a long story, and it is – one day I’ll tell it here. Now, however, I want to talk about the reason I stayed in the industry for the past 30 years. It wasn’t just great product, amazing technology and an incredibly fast pace. It is also for the people. I often say this is an incestuous industry because you cant really leave it.…

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Affordable Watches:88 Rue Du Rhone – Another New Kid on the Block

 |  March 1st, 2013

Continuing with our affordable Swiss-made watch portion of the week, we bring you the recently launched 88 Rue Du Rhone brand. This affordable Swiss-made collection is created by the Raymond Weil family (the grandsons of Raymond Weil). The name is derived from the most famous street in Geneva that runs along the river that is its namesake. The numeral 88 is inspired by the concept of the infinity of 8, representing good fortune and life. Gearing the new brand to…

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