Porsche Design Chronotimer Rennsport Reunion VI LE Watch Up For Pre-Order

 |  July 9th, 2018

Beginning this month, Porsche Design’s newest  Chronotimer Rennsport Reunion VI Limited Edition watch — designed to celebrate motorsports — is available for pre-order on line. Each Official numbered timepiece  commemorates the sixth Porsche Rennsport Reunion. The Reunion is a mecca of sorts for  Porsche aficionados, and takes place in September. The new Porsche Design Chronotimer Rennsport Reunion VI Limited Edition is created  exclusively for the event as the official commemorative timepiece of RRVI, and is the third edition Rennsport Reunion watch…

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Porsche Design Unveils 1919 Datetimer 70Y Sports Car Limited Edition Watch

 |  June 20th, 2018

Honoring the 70th anniversary of Porsche sports cars, Porsche Design, the design studio established by Ferdinand A. Porsche, unveils the new Porsche Design 1919 Datetimer 70Y Sports Car Limited Edition. The newest timepiece is a special edition to the brand’s 1948 collection, which marks the year that the Porsche 356 made its debut. That car was  the predecessor of the famed Porsche 911. The newest watch combines design elements and characteristics of the vintage car’s dashboard with contemporary interpretation.  The 1919 Datetimer…

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Watch Review: Porsche Design 1919 Datetimer One Millionth 911 Watch

 |  January 22nd, 2018

We have been a big fan of the Porsche Design watches since the early 1980’s when we first discovered them. Since then, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds. Back then, the watches were made for Porsche Design by IWC, but today, the brand is fully in charge of its timepieces — and doing a smashing job.  Not only did Porsche Design unveil the exciting Monobloc Actuator watch last year, along with the ability to customize one’s own Porsche…

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Buyers of $257,000 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series Car Can Buy Customized Porsche Design Watch

 |  June 29th, 2017

Car (and watch) lovers take note: if you are in the market for one of the 500  Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series cars being produced — and selling for  $257,200 —  then you are eligible to also buy a Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series watch, as well, and have it customized to match your car if you want.  Just 500 of the watches will be made, as well, each retailing for $12,650. The watches are a result…

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Porsche Design Watches Teams with Dempsey Racing for Powerful Timing

 |  June 11th, 2014

Porsche Design — a child of the sports car industry — has teamed up with Dempsey Racing—the Porsche Motorsport customer team — to create a limited edition, track-inspired timepiece.  As the designer of the iconic sports car, the Porsche 911, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was known as a true functionalist and minimalist. When he left the car company to found Porsche Design in 1972, the focus was clearly on producing purist luxury items. Among them: watches. Throughout the years, Porsche Design…

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Zoom Away with a LE Porsche 911 Wristwatch

 |  August 5th, 2013

By Ryan Walsh With nearly a million Porsche 911’s built since the sports car’s debut in 1963, Porsche continually reinvigorates the 911 to keep the model at the top of the pack. This year, the current flagship of Porsche celebrates its 50th anniversary – and does so in style. Now, to go with your sporty 911, or just to show your admiration of the 911, there is a commemorative watch made in its honor. Created by Porsche Design, the new…

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Ditch the Garage: Car-aligned watches

 |  July 12th, 2013

Luxury watches named for automobiles are the hottest status symbol yet. While car aficionados love those luxurious sports cars, those cars can’t accompany the owner into board meetings or outings. It’s time to ditch the garage and wear a bit of the auto-inspired luxury world on the wrist — and you can do this in a host of price ranges. At the high-end,  the Parmigiani Bugatti Vitesse watch ($328,000) houses the PF372 hand-wound movement with a two-plane caliber to offer…

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