Only Watch 2017 Part 2: Meet the Rest of the 49 Unique Watches Being Auctioned (Slide Show)

 |  July 13th, 2017

Earlier this week, we brought you news about OnlyWatch 2017, and showed half of the 49 (thus far) unique watches that are going up for auction in November for the seventh annual OnlyWatch event.   OnlyWatch is a charity auction with all proceeds going toward finding a cure for  t Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  As mentioned yesterday, these are all unique watches being donated by the brands for this event only. To heighten the attention, a  world tour of these watches begins in September…

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A Close Up Look at Only Watch 2017 Watches, Part 1 (Slide show)

 |  July 11th, 2017

This November, the seventh annual OnlyWatch auction will take place in Geneva on the 11th of the month. The event is one that pulls the finest watch brands in the world together for charity, as each participating brand (or company) donates a single one-off watch that goes up for charity auction. OnlyWatch is organized by Monaco Association against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and the auction is led by Christie’s auction house. This year for the first time, in addition to individual…

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Affordable Watches: Meet the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Blue Devil Limited Edition Watch

 |  November 7th, 2016

  Affordability in a dive watch is something truly worthy of attention – especially when that dive watch performs well and looks great. Such is the case with the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Dive “Blue Devil” watch. Water resistant to a massive 60 atm (600 meters), the watch features screw-down crowns for  time adjustment and the internal rotating timing bezel, as well as a helium escape valve so that it can outperform its wearer. The bold Pontos S Diver features a blue dial,…

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Maurice LaCroix and Soccer Team FC Barcelona Issue ‘Juggle Challenge’ with Great Prizes

 |  June 27th, 2016

Ok, sports lovers, pay attention. We are at the half-way point of a super exciting challenge that you just may want to get in on.Watch brand  Maurice LaCroix and soccer team FC Barcelona have thrown down the gauntlet, or cleats, and issued the ‘Juggle Challenge.’  The global challenge started on June 13th and will run to July 11th. The goal: to create the world’s longest community juggle. And, there are some great prizes, including a grand prize to meet the team.…

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FIFA World Cup 2014 and Maurice Lacroix Watches

 |  June 18th, 2014

Swiss watch brand Maurice Lacroix is the  Official Watch Partner, FC Barcelona. The brand is producing a collection of affordable “fan’s” Swiss-made Maurice Lacroix watches, a more luxurious “player’s” watch, and a sophisticated “executive” model. We are all anxiously awaiting images and will bring them to you as soon as they are available.

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A Complete Break-Down of Watch Brands Involved in International Football: Official Timing

 |  June 12th, 2014

It’s a long headline, but then this is such a long post that we are splitting it into multiple parts.  Today marks the start of the FIFA World Cup – an approximately one-month-long stint of games and matches – held in Brazil for the first time since 1950. The much anticipated event finds some of the toughest teams from around the globe pitted against one another in what promises to be a very exciting month of international football. While American’s…

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Some People Just Don’t Understand Watch-Collecting Addicts

 |  April 22nd, 2014

By David Dadian, watch collector, NJ “So, what is your favorite watch?” My friend asks knowing I have many. He sees the IWC catalog in my office and just shakes his head. “Why would anyone wear a watch that costs as much or more than a car?”  As he flips through a watch magazine, he comes across a Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillion and exclaims, “Really? A $5 million watch! More than a house, more than a few houses! Who would…

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