Storage Wars: SIHH 2019 Maybe (Not) The Most Disappointing Storage Units Ever

 |  January 21st, 2019

Could we be ending an era of creativity? If this year’s offering of USB keys—where brands store their most important information and images to disseminate to the press – is an example, the answer is yes. Since 2012, we have been taking a close look at the USB keys give out at Baselworld and SIHH.  Storage Wars is one of our most popular posts, and every time I visit a brand, as they hand me their USB key, they wonder…

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Storage Wars: The Best USB Keys From Baselworld 2018, And Why We Love Them

 |  April 2nd, 2018

As mentioned when we reviewed the best  and worst USB keys of SIHH 2018 earlier this year, we are in our sixth year of reviewing the storage devices that watch brands use to pass their precious information and images on to journalists and bloggers. This much-loved story has sparked a lot of attention over the years, and we have had some amazing response even from brands, who sometimes hand me the USB stick with great anticipation to see my reaction.…

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Three Watch Brands We Expect Great Things From This January 2018

 |  January 2nd, 2018

With the new year here, it means show season will begin. In the watch world, that predominantly means — SIHH 2018, here we come. However, as we know, many other brands capitalize on the fact that so many retailers and press are in Geneva for SIHH and so they, too, exhibit their newest inventions — some of which have taken years upon years to build.  While we know that the brands at SIHH have a lot to offer, we expect…

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Meet the Manufacture Royale ADN Collection: Good Looks, Great Function

 |  August 29th, 2017

Manufacture Royale is a brand we have written about several times here, as we love the masterful technology this brand brings to the forefront.  This year, the brand unveils an interesting new collection that is making its way to stores now: the ADN (DNA).  The watch houses the brand’s  ninth calibre—the MR09 with flying tourbillon, skeletonized movement and two independent time zones. Built in the Manufacture Royale workshops in  Vallorbe, Switzerland, this watch is an impressive blend of avant grade…

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Storage Wars: Winning USB Keys from Baselworld 2017

 |  March 30th, 2017

This year marks the fifth year we have written about our favorite USB keys dispensed by brands at the top shows. Earlier in the year we brought you a look at the winning storage sticks from the January SIHH exhibition. Now, we take a look at the winners of the Baselworld 2017 exhibition. Because most of the brands embed their valuable product information and images into these storage devices — they naturally want you to take notice of the key. Well, at least…

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Storage Wars: SIHH 2016 Innovative USB Keys

 |  January 28th, 2016

Welcome to the first edition of Storage Wars 2016 — based on the SIHH exhibition and a few independent brands exhibiting in Geneva. Every year we embark on trips to find the most exciting timepieces on the market — and we come home with a wealth of information and images. All of that info is stored,  brand by brand, in a single place. Typically, that places is a USB key. As such, many watch brands go to the trouble of…

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Up Close with the Manufacture Royale 1770 Voltige – an Acrobat in Motion

 |  July 15th, 2015

Manufacture Royale –a five-year-old brand brand with roots dating back to Voltaire and the Age of Enlightenment — has been on the cutting edge of aesthetics and technology since its rebirth. We have covered the brand here before, but now we bring you the newest 1770 Voltige watch. Part of the brand’s 1770 Collection, this 1770 Voltige watch is the brand’s first timepiece not to incorporate a tourbillon. It is the first watch to be made in the affordable price range…

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