Hamilton Ventura Stars in Men In Black International

 |  May 20th, 2019

If you’re a movie lover, then you have most likely witnessed Hamilton Watch Company’s starring role on the wrists of many a celebrity on the big screen. The brand has been intimately involved in movies for decades, and its biggest break  came in the 1950’s and ‘60’s with roles in Frogmenand Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii (Presley wore the Ventura), among others. Since then, Hamilton remains one of the most sought after brands for celebrity wrists in movies. This year, the iconic asymmetrical Ventura…

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Hamilton Watches: Crucial Instruments for America’s Armed Forces

 |  May 26th, 2014

With today being Memorial Day –a time when we Americans honor those who fought and died in service – it seems a fitting time to take a look at the one American-made watch brand that officially equipped the US Armed Forces: Hamilton. This brand not only supplied watches to the armed forces, but also suspended sales to end consumers in order to carry out its mission, and won awards for its contributions. Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, PA, Hamilton was…

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Hamilton Celebrates 7th Annual Behind The Camera Awards in Hollywood

 |  November 10th, 2013

For years Hamilton Watch Company has been the sponsor of the Behind the Camera Awards – an event the brand created  approximately 10 years ago to recognize those in filmmaking that are not seen on the screen—camera men, prop masters, costume designers, film editors and more. On Sunday, Nov. 10, the brand  presents the 7th annual Behind the Camera Awards (in conjunction with LA Confidential Magazine) at the Ebell in Hollywood to a host of recipients, with a star-studded presenter…

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Around the World: Hamilton Celebrates 6th Annual Behind the Camera Awards

 |  October 30th, 2012

This past weekend in Los Angeles, Hamilton Watch Company acknowledge the hard work of the people behind the cameras of the most popular movies of today. In its 6th annual Behind the Camera Award presentations, the brand honored producers, writers, film crews and more. Atimelyperspective was fortunate enough to be there for a portion of the weekend (with Hurricane Sandy robbing us of the finale, as we had to rush back before being stranded in LA); we are delighted to…

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