Nik Wallenda Makes History- Wearing JeanRichard watch

 |  June 23rd, 2013

Having met Nik Wallenda in person, I was anxious to watch his historic walk. It was an extremely tense walk. I had watched Nik cross Niagara Falls but that was before I knew him — and — to be honest — liked him as a genuine person. This walk — knowing Nik and anticipating his concerns about mother nature — made me on edge. For nearly 23 minutes, Wallenda battled winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour, as well…

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Exclusive Interview with Nik Wallenda — Soon to Walk Across the Grand Canyon on a Wire

 |  June 21st, 2013

  To those who follow his amazing feats, he is known as The King of the High Wire, but to his three kids, Nik Wallenda is just Dad. In fact, this seventh generation of the legendary Great Flying Wallendas insists he is not the daredevil people make him out to be. “I am just a regular man with a dangerous profession,” says Wallenda during a private interview in Las Vegas. A young guy with big dreams, Wallenda is extremely comfortable during the…

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