5 Top Watchmaking Complications

 |  October 17th, 2013

Watch brands often refer to timepieces as having simple or complex complications. Generally every function of a watch that is in addition to its timekeeping role is an added complexity.  Essentially a complex watch offers added information and data. The more extra functions, information and data packed into a timepiece, the more complicated it is.  There are several important complications, however, that are considered complicated watches right off the bat. 1 – Perpetual Calendar. A watch in which the calendar…

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Hublot LaFerrari – Is the Verdict In?

 |  May 22nd, 2013

While in BaselWorld, we posted on our facebook pages about the new Hublot LaFerrari watch – created to celebrate the partnership between Hublot and the sleek and stealth Ferrari brand.  As those who love cars and watches know, the Ferrari brand has partnered with other watch brands before Hublot: Girard-Perregaux and Panerai are among them. However, the relationship with Hublot may have been made with the idea in mind by both parties to create as something bold and uniquely different. …

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