Freezing Antarctic Temperatures Don’t Stop Bremont: Meet the Supermarine Terra Nova at BaselWorld 2014

 |  March 27th, 2014

From a brand firmly rooted in the world of aviation, British-born and bred Bremont unveils an instrument of a different kind.  Meet the new Supermarine Terra Nova chronometer. The watch was built for a recent polar expedition, held in early 2014. Renowned polar explorer, Ben Saunders, with histeammate Tarka L’Herpiniere, walked from the well-known Scott’s Hut, located on the north Shore of Cape Evans on Ross Island in Antarctica, to the South Pole – a 900 mile trek.  Upon arrival, they turned around…

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Up Close and Personal with the Bremont Codebreaker – A Tribute to WWII History (video and original pics)

 |  August 2nd, 2013

Last night we had the opportunity to spend quality time with our good friends at Bremont Watch Company, and we got the chance to really see and touch the new Codebreaker watch. History lovers are going to go in big for this one—because it celebrates the thousands who worked tirelessly in England during World War II to break the enemy codes and bring the war to a close. For this watch, Bremont is working closely with the Bletchley Park Trust…

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