4 Watch Brands Inspired by FIFA World Cup in Brazil (Part 3 in Who’s Who: Watches and the FIFA World Cup)

 |  July 9th, 2014

Throughout the past month, with the World Cup in full swing, we have brought you one of the most comprehensive looks at watch brands involved in international football. Just check back to see the 20 plus posts under the FIFA 2014 search on our sight. Now, with FIFA 2014 coming to a  close in just about two weeks, it seems a good time to add to our previous comprehensive reporting of watch brands involved in soccer. Now, we bring you…

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88 Rue du Rhone Releases Watch for Breast Cancer Awareness

 |  October 2nd, 2013

With October being dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, many watch brands are jumping headlong into supporting this important cause.  88 Rue du Rhone is one such company. It unveils its “Pink Lady” watch  and announces a partnership with The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  The 35mm Swiss made quartz chronograph  retails for  $745, with a portion of the proceeds going to the cause.

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Affordable Watches:88 Rue Du Rhone – Another New Kid on the Block

 |  March 1st, 2013

Continuing with our affordable Swiss-made watch portion of the week, we bring you the recently launched 88 Rue Du Rhone brand. This affordable Swiss-made collection is created by the Raymond Weil family (the grandsons of Raymond Weil). The name is derived from the most famous street in Geneva that runs along the river that is its namesake. The numeral 88 is inspired by the concept of the infinity of 8, representing good fortune and life. Gearing the new brand to…

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