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Orbita Unveils New Watch Winders Perfect For Keeping Your Watch Safely Wound

If you own an automatic watch, that is complex and you hate having to reset it when the power runs out, it’s time to invest in a watch winder, and Orbita — based in North Carolina — has the answer. This company has been making its own watch winders in America since its founding more than 20 years ago by Chuck Agnoff. His creed was to pay attention to detail and provide the best  watchwinders in the world. It is a philosophy the family-owned company continues to uphold, despite Agnoff’s passing. With Father’s Day just about a month away, this is an excellent gift for the man who loves watches.

Orbita watch winders

Orbita Milano 6 watch winder

Essentially, a watchwinder is a   device designed to keep an automatic watch fully wound.  Orbita offers a host of watch winders — from a single winder to a full chest  or piece of furniture that holds dozens of watches.   Additionally, the styles range from tool-box motifs to exquisite inlaid wood, to art deco and streamlined metal and steel pieces.

 All of the ORBITA Watchwinders use either a Rotor wind system or a programmable system to keep watches wound. In the Rotorwind system, the winders gently “swing” watches —  mimicking the natural movement of the wrist.  The Orbita programmable winders have movements that use a solid-state microprocessor that controls a DC gear motor that is either battery powered or AC powered. That drives a rotating cup that carries the mounted watch. It rotates for a short period of time and then goes to sleep — offering the right amount of time to power the watch and keep it running but not too much time that it suffers wear and tear. The amount of time the winder sleeps is programmable by the user and depends  on the watch.

Orbita Avanti 3 watch winder

Orbita Avanti 3 watch winder

Easily one of the brand’s best sellers is the Avanti 3 Macassar winder that winds three watches and has storage drawers for another three. There is a master switch for power, but each of the stations can be turned off individually when not in use.  The beautiful winder is crafted of exotic Macassar veneer with carbon fiber trim. It features the  brand’s Programmable winding technology or is available with Orbita’s s much-coveted Rotorwind winding technology. $2,995. Of course prices vary depending on the winder. Orbita offers single wind boxes, exotic wood triple-winders and closet or storage winders that can keep 48 watches wound at a time. They’re not only helpful, but also impressive to look at.

Orbita watch winders

Orbita Siena 3 Burlwood winder

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