Hublot Unveils Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Scritto Watches

 Hublot Berluti Scritto watches

The new Hublot Berluti Scritto watches have engraved cases

Three years into a collaboration with luxury French shoe maker, Berluti,  Hublot unveils its newest watches created as a result of that partnership. In fact, the new Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti watches are the fourth series to be made, and represent a great evolution. In addition to featuring sumptuous leather straps and leather dials, these new watches feature the famed  Berluti Scritto script writing on the cases.

The very first Berluti/Hublot line was launched in 2016.   The engraved cases are crafted in either titanium with a black-brushed finish on the case (called Cold Brown) to emulate Berluti’s famed black/gray patinas, or in beautiful bronze (called Cold Gold) to emulate the Berluti brown patinas. They are finished with luxury leather straps that also have the same sumptuous patina as Berluti shoes.

 Hublot Berluti Scritto watches

Hublot Berluti Scritto watch in bronze

To achieve the patina, Berluti created a step by step process of adding essential oils and pigments  to the leather, giving each pair of bespoke shoes a unique finish and sheen. Additionally, Berluti shoes feature the hallmark of the brand, the “Scritto” – an 18th century French letter that Berluti bought at an auction. Hublot emulates both of these iconic features with the  Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti watches. The challenges were not just in creating the leather straps with the perfect patina  in the proper  color spectrums, but also in  developing the perfect Scritto engraving on the cases with an aged patina look. 

 Hublot Berluti Scritto watches

Hublot Berluti Scritto watch in titanium

” The bronze version has a rich brown leather dial and bronze-colored subdials, while the titanium version boasts a stunning gray hue. Hublot’s 280-part HUB1143 automatic chronograph movement powers the watches. Measuring 43mm in diameter, the Cold Brown version is engraved and finished with black-brushed titanium and a dark brown/black strap and retails for $18,800, while the Cold Gold bronze version is finished with a bronze-colored patina strap and retals for $29,900. The watches offer 42 hours of power reserve and are water resistant to 50 meters.  Each watch is sold in a presentation box containing a Berluti leather care set.  Just 200 pieces of each will be made.”

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