Storage Wars: The Best USB Key From Watches & Wonders Miami

Sevan Bicakci at Watches & Wonders Miami

USB key designed by Sevan Bicakci and given out at Watches & Wonders Miami, where he launched his one-of-a-kind collection of 85 unique watches.

If you read my headline then you will know that at the recent Watches & Wonders Miami 2019 show, there was only one great USB keys. Don’t get me wrong, there were many distributed, but just one stole my heart and stands out now  as one of the best USB keys ever: Sevan Bicakci’s dagger key. Sevan, as I know him and have known him for years, is a Turkish born jewelry designer extraordinaire who draws on his Armenian past to create jewelry — and now watches — that are inspired by the Ottoman and Byzantine eras.

Sevan Bicakci, Watches & Wonders Miami

One of the 85 unique Sevan Bicakci watches shown at Watches & Wonders Miami.

Sevan’s ancestors were sword makers for the Topkapi Palace, and Sevan incorporates a saber in every piece of jewelry he makes. He has even had the door handles of his boutiques specially created in the likeness of a dagger. At Watches & Wonders Miami, where Sevan unveiled 85 one-of-a-kind watches that he spent nearly 10 years creating, he fashioned his USB key as an engraved sword of bronze. On it were birds in flight, representing freedom and timelessness. The USB key represents Sevan’s past and his present. It reflects his work in a unique and beautiful way.  The USB key now holds a place of honor among my other favorite USB keys of all time.




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