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Up Close With The Armin Strom GMT Resonance In Gold (price)

Armin Strom GMT Resonance in Gold

Armin Strom GMT Resonance in Gold

Recently, we brought you the news of the newest Armin Strom GMT Resonance watch — a stunning oval timepiece chocked with highly technical watchmaking. You can read all the technical details here. Now, Armin Strom unveils the GMT Resonance watch in 18-karat white gold, and it deserves a closer look, as well.

In this watch, the two watch movements are not vertically stacked but arranged side by side. While the first launch of this Dual Time Resonance model was  in titanium, the Masterpiece collection has now been extended to include versions in 18-karat white gold and 18-karat rose gold, each in a limited edition of just 8 pieces.

Dial colors include a  choice of  blue or black with a meticulous hand-guilloché pattern.  The dual mainspring barrels that exemplify Armin Strom timepieces are located on the back, joined together by a ratchet wheel to permit simple and simultaneous winding of the four mainsprings. By combining the resonance clutch, the independent movements enable the Dual Time Resonance to display GMT, or a second time zone. The patented Armin Strom resonance clutch spring is an innovative solution to enhance a traditional concept that truly justifies the existence of fine watchmaking: the quest for precision and accuracy.


GMT Resonance in Gold by Armin Strom


“While it has been long known that resonance in watch and clock movements with synchronized coupled oscillators improves accuracy by averaging slight differences in the precision of each movement and in wristwatches minimises adverse effects of shocks on precision. Less known is that resonance also conserves energy: vibrational energy that is normally be lost through the supports of the regulator is conserved in the system.”

Via laboratory testing, Armin Strom reveals gains in precision of 15-20% for two COSC chronometer-level regulated movements placed in resonance. The gold versions will retail for just about $200,000.

Armin Strom ARF17 movement for the rose gold Dual Time Resonance GMT watch.

Armin Strom ARF17 movement for the rose gold Dual Time Resonance GMT watch.

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