L’Ecole Paris Jewelry School, With Van Cleef & Arpels, Offers Classes, Exhibitions in New York

Daniel brush, L'Ecole,

Jewelry by Daniel Brush on exhibition during the L’Ecole jewelry arts program in New York.

Paris-based L’Ecole, School of Jewelry Arts, fully supported by Van Cleef & Arpels, is the first of its kind to be open to everyone from novices to experts in the field of jewelry arts. Typically based in  Paris, the school, which offers monthly classes in Paris in both English and French,  has created a series of programs to take on the road to offer jewelry arts education around the world.  New York is next on the list, with classes, exhibitions and workshops hosted from October 25 to November 9 in New York City.

 Led by jewelry experts, the event (held at 2 East 63rd Street) is geared for those who want a deeper understanding of jewelry making, of gemology, or even jewelry history.  It is open to people of all ages, and there are even some children’s workshops being scheduled. In total, 15 courses, four workshops and eight discussions are planned. There will also be three exhibitions free-of-charge that include a look at renowned American artist Daniel Brush’s bracelets, bangles and other jewelry inspired by India, and an exhibition of jewelry from the 19th century and first-half of the 2oth century. A key exhibition, The Fabulous Destiny of Tavernier’s Diamonds: From the Great Mogul to the Sun King, presents replicas of 20 diamonds that were once owned by Louis XIV, and that were recreated by L’ÉCOLE experts along with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. The program in New York marks the second  time L’Ecole has held workshops here (it made its first debut in New York in 2015). Visitors can opt to take a single course or multiple courses taught by leaders in jewelry, art and history.

Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry making.

Highlights include “Savoir-Faire,” wherein students personally handle the tools and materials and learn about designs, mock-ups, settings and more. There is also a chance to try the Japanese Urushi lacquer techniques. Those interested in art history are treated to historical classes that run the gamut from The Birth of Jewelry, to  a look at Van Cleef & Arpels’ world.  From a gemological perspective, there are courses on diamonds and colored stones, on how they are created and on the symbolism and legends behind those  stones.

For those who prefer a simple talk or panel discussion, there are eight evening and weekend events planned. Among them: “Fewer, Better Things” — wherein Van Cleef & Arpels’  President and CEO Nicolas Bos joins with  Glenn Adamson, the author of Fewer, Better Things, curator, and more, as well as with artist Daniel Brush. While the conversations have a fee of $25, the other classes range in price from  $125 to $250 each, and class sizes are limited.

A host of exhibitions will take place during the L’Ecole event.

 “L’ÉCOLE’s programs break down barriers to the vast and enchanting world of jewelry for everyone. Whether you’re a collector or wear only your wedding band; whether you’re an engineer, a painter, or a school teacher; you’ll learn directly from our experts and the only prerequisite is a desire to learn,” says Marie Vallanet-Delhom, President of L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts.

(NOTE: This article written by Roberta Naas previously appeared on her Perfect Timing column on Forbes.com)

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