Why TrueFacet.com’s Brand-Certified Pre-Owned Division Is Garnering Accolades

TrueFacet.com announces Brand Certified Pre-Owned division.

TrueFacet.com announces Brand Certified Pre-Owned division.

It was just last month that TrueFacet.com, leading luxury online marketplace for acquiring and consigning fine jewelry and timepieces, launched its Brand-Certified Pre-Owned division.  It marked the first time that an e-commerce site could offer Brand-Certified Pre-Owned watches and jewelry.  The announcement quickly garnered attention of such publications as Forbes.com, Robb Report  and even TechCrunch. Why? Because heretofore, the only real industry that has been able to build a strong business on Certified Pre-Owned is the auto industry. It is totally new to the watch industry, and — better yet — could be the start of an all-new trend.

Getting the watch brands to agree to Certified Pre-Owned is no easy task. It requires the brand to inspect the watches and to issue a warranty. However, because TrueFacet.com is so well respected in the industry, and because watch brands recognize the ned to get behind a program where they can support second-hand sales, the concept took root. The revolutionary Certified Pre-Owned section of TrueFacet.com launched with seven brands on board, and more to come.  The first-ever brands to join the first-ever CPO watch and jewelry program on TrueFacet.com include  Zenith,  Raymond Weil, Fendi Timepieces, Fabergé, Frederique Constant, and Ernst Benz, as well as behemoth jewelry brand, Roberto Coin. Each Brand Certified Pre-Owned item in TrueFacet’s inventory, supplied direct by the brands, is carefully inspected and refurbished by the brands to ensure its pristine condition and premier quality, verified by a certificate of authenticity, and backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

“Our Brand Certified Pre-Owned program continues TrueFacet’s core mission to bring transparency to a formerly opaque industry, ultimately benefiting both our partners and shoppers,” says Tirath Kamdar, CEO and co-founder of TrueFacet.com. “Like never before, brands can regain control and maintain their exclusive brand positioning within the secondary market. On the consumer side, customers can shop for highly desirable, authentic pre-owned designer pieces that have been verified, refurbished, and warrantied directly by their favorite brand and offered at an incredible value.”

Zenith is among the first seven brands to join TrueFacet.com's Certified Pre-Owned classification.

Zenith is among the first seven brands to join TrueFacet.com’s Certified Pre-Owned classification.

Additionally, because of its digital savvy, TrueFacet.com is also powering the e-commerce site for leading French jewelry brand, Messika, which recently announced its partnership with Gigi Hadid for the My Soul collection.  Messika.com, powered by TrueFacet, represents TrueFacet’s first foray into handling a mono-brand e-commerce site for another brand. As the architect and driver of Messika.com, TrueFacet will offer the French jewelry brand a comprehensive suite of data insights and fulfillment services, among other benefits.The Messika.com platform is tailored by TrueFacet to appeal to the American shopper with high-touch concierge assistance and original storytelling content catered to the next generation of luxury shoppers. TrueFacet will also provide turn-key sales processing for Messika.com in the US, offering comprehensive financing and payment options, overnight shipping, and fulfillment of all Messika.com US orders through TrueFacet’s New York headquarters. These are all services that TrueFacet.com is highly skilled in, as they are put to daily use on the TrueFacet.com platform, where it garners  2 million monthly TrueFacet.com visitors.

TrueFacet.com has an organic traffic rate of over 40 percent and a sales growth rate of 2.5 times year over year.  The company’s affluent, digitally native customers are an average age of  35, with 28 percent of sales made to customers under age 30.

“When we were looking to expand into the US market, we saw there was already a major player in luxury e-commerce: TrueFacet,” says Aurelie Damon, Messika CMO. “When we met with Tirath and his team last year, we realized they clearly understand the importance of storytelling that is so integral to Messika and to luxury buyers today. This insight paired with a great digital tool-kit and proven track record of growth made it clear that the best e-commerce solution for Messika.com would be one powered by TrueFacet.”


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