Meet the $775,000 Krayon Everywhere Horizon Mechanical Watch That Tracks Sunrise/Sunset Anywhere on Earth

Krayon Horizon Everywhere is a mechanical calculator that, once the latitude and longitude of a location are entered, the piece will let the user know the exact sunrise and sunset for the area.

Krayon Horizon Everywhere is a mechanical calculator that, once the latitude and longitude of a location are entered, the piece will let the user know the exact sunrise and sunset for the area.

If money is not a constraint, the limits of what can be achieved via horological innovation never cease to amaze. For the cost of the average amount in a 50 year old’s 501k, Krayon has crafted a piece, the Everywhere Horizon, that can be programmed to track the sunrise and sunset in any part of the globe — mechanically.

In essence what you are getting with the Krayon Horizon Everywhere is a mechanical calculator that, once the latitude and longitude of a location are entered, the piece will let the user know the exact sunrise and sunset for the area. The piece will also indicate the hours of sunlight and nigh time as well. The outer dial takes advantage of a 24 hour scale and the sunrise and sunset times are read on it where the day and night sectors meet. As different coordinates are entered or as the seasons change the watch will indicate those seasonal changes as well. The blue arrow indicating the hours on this same dial will illustrate the path of the sun as it travels through the sky.

Krayon Everywhere Horizon houses a movement with 595 components, including 85 jewels

The horological accomplishments of the piece are produced as a product of a the product of four different variables. The latitude and longitude which place the location of the desired location on the globe, then the UTC time zone to help adjust for any daylight savings times modifications, and then finally the day and month which will update the seasonality of the same location. Once each input is entered the data will be clearly displayed on the piece.

Given the complexity of the inner workings of the piece and the data required for the desired output, the legibility of the piece remains intuitive. The hands that indicate the date and time are in blue and are easily distinguished on the dial and are set apart from the hands that display the other data. To read the hours, a blue arrow will indicate to the 24 hour scale on the outer edge of the dial. The minutes are read via the large blue hand on the center of the dial that reads to the minute ring on the inner edge of the dial. The upper registry at the ‘12 o’clock’ position is for the longitude display and UTC time zone. The longitude display reads between +180° and -180°, shown by the longest of the two hands. The shorter hand is for the UTC time zone and in an effort to be as accurate as possible, the time zone indicator advances in half increments to take into account every aimed zone used around the world. To add further accuracy there is a Day Light Savings Time indication to adjust for the applicable summer months. In the center of the dial, two silver hands provide more data. The left displays latitude between 60°North and 60°South while the right shows any of the four parameters, date, latitude, longitude or UTC. The lower subdial is used to indicate the date and the month.

Rémi Maillat, founder of Krayon,

Rémi Maillat, founder of Krayon

To navigate and make adjustments to any of the inputs that help calculate the sunrise sunset data, the engineers at Krayon have made the user interaction with the piece incredibly simple. First is to determine which input to account for, longitude, latitude, UTC or date, which is selected via a pusher at the left side of the case of the watch. To adjust the selected parameter is done via the crown of the watch. Boom! That’s it! No additional tool or need to go back to the manufacture, just ease of design. The simplicity of the design also helps to limit user created damager to the piece.

The Krayon Horizon Everywhere is powered by the USS (Universal Sunrise Sunset) caliber and is composed of 595 components. Given the number of pieces and complexity of the watch, the measurement of the movement has been kept to a modest 6.5mm thick and the entire case measures at 43mm. Again this is impressive as the movement is fitted with four differentials, 84 gear assemblies and a total of 145 gear parts. To protect the innovations made by the manufacture, three patents have been filed. The piece is automatically wound via a gold micro-rotor and beats at a frequency of 3 Hz with an 80 hour power reserve.

Adding artistry to horological innovation, the case and movement feature a host of hand finishes. The case is set with 70 baguette cute diamonds at a total weighting of 3.5 carrots. The lugs have also been given the same treatment and have been adorned with 24 baguette diamonds at a total of 1.35 carrots. Aside from the diamond adornment, the case features a host of hand finished treatments. The Krayon Everywhere Horizon watch is a custom-ordered timepiece, that is personalized for the location of the buyer.  It retails for approximately $775,000.

Close up of the Krayon Everywhere Horizon watch.

Close up of the Krayon Everywhere Horizon watch.

Technical Specs of the Krayon Everywhere Horizon

Movement: Automatic, 3Hz frequency, quick-setting mechanism,   Universal Sunrise & Sunset,  diameter: 35.40 mm;   Height: 6.50 mm.   595 components, including 85 jewels

Power reserve: 80 hours.

Functions:   Calculation and display of sunrise and sunset times based on latitude, longitude and time zone,     Hours, 24-hour display,   Minutes,   Date,   Month,   Daylight duration

Displays:   Central minutes,   Hours,   Sunrise and sunset times on peripheral, discs,   Date at 6 o’clock,   Longitude and UTC at 12 o’clock,   Latitude at 9 o’clock,   Function indicator at 3 o’clock

Case and bezel:   White gold case,   Bezel set with 70 baguette diamonds (3.50 carats in total),   Lugs set with 24 baguette diamonds (1.35 carats in total),   Sapphire crystal and sapphire back,   Diameter: 43 mm,   Height: 11.70 mm,   Gold dial,   Hand-polished chamfers,   Sapphire display discs,   Miniature-painted decoration, 

Strap:  Black alligator strap,   White gold pin buckle

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