Build Your Own Mechanical Pendulum Clock

National Watch and Clock Museum, Columbia, PA

National Watch and Clock Museum logo, Columbia, PA

Via the National Clock and Watch Museum in Pennsylvania, we learned of a site called Clockworks, where – for those mechanically inclined – can order all the makings to build you own Mechanical pendulum clock. The clock kit comes with everything from the movement to the pendulum, the chime block and rods, dial and hands. It does not, however come with the wooden grandfather (or grandmother) case. You have to buy that separately. They do, of course, offer choices. Additionally, you can buy the movement first and build your own clock.

How inclined are you to say you built your own mechanical clock? On this site, you can choose from a host of different types of clocks, including those with Westminster chimes, and you can choose the brand, including Howard Miller, Seth Thomas and Hermli. All we ask is that you let us know if you do this, we want start to finish, step-by-step pictures and your reaction to the project. Be warned, it may take some time to build your first clock.

There are dozens of clock building kits at Clockworks.

There are dozens of clock building kits at Clockworks.

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