Video: Fireside Watch Chat with Graham Watches’ Patric Zingg

Patric Zingg, Managing Director, Graham SA, with Roberta Naas

Patric Zingg, Managing Director, Graham SA, with Roberta Naas

With the new year upon us and the promise of great new watches being released this year, we took a video look back at highlights of 2017 from several particular brands that were exhibiting at last fall’s  WatchTime New York,  One of the brands we had the good fortune of meeting with on camera for our fireside chat (granted, no fire was lit), was Graham. Most recently known for its famed Nose Art watches that met with critical acclaim last year, this brand also offers some incredibly alluring military style and aviation-inspired watches, as well as some complex pieces. Easily one of the most alluring is the Geo Graham Orrery Tourbillon, a watch that made the Elite Traveler Top 50 Watches of 2017 list. The technically advanced $330,000 astronomical watch is a solar system on the wrist, with precise moon phase for 300 years at least and a lot more to offer.   Here, Managing Director of Graham,  Patric Zingg, takes time to discuss the Orrery in depth with Roberta Naas of ATimelyPerspective. Oh, and I might add that while I put Patric Zingg on the spot during this interview, questioning the number of parts in the movement, he responded post-video: a massive 470 components.

Kudos to  watch aficionado Robert Velasquez who created the video for ATimelyPerspective.


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