Ritmo Mundo Releases ‘Realty-Check’ Open Letter to Watch World: OMG, Shut Up

Ritmo Munder, creator of the Ritmo Mundo Racer, issues open letter to the watch world: OMG. Shut Up

Ritmo Munder, creator of the Ritmo Mundo Racer, issues open letter to the watch world: OMG. Shut Up

In a candid letter this weekend, Ritmo Mundo, a relatively young but established brand, issued a refreshing letter about what the brand is and is not. Entitled “OMG, Shut Up.” the letter pretty much calls out on the carpet big brands, retailers and even bloggers. Kudos to them –because much of what they say herein is accurate.  “Much” being the operative word  – not all.  Below you will find the letter in its entirety, but before you read on, we would like to preface it with a little bit about Ritmo Mundo.

Founded 15 years ago by Ali Soltani, Ritmo Mundo has been an interesting and innovative brand at the more affordable side of the pricing spectrum (average prices of about $500-$800 retail).  This is the brand that brought out Persepolis years ago — a watch with an outer cage that enabled the watch head to turn over — offering two different dial options. This watch came before the recent spout of outer cages and turning cases revealed by independents over the past few years.  Ritmo Mundo is also the brand that unveiled a luxury Puzzle watch that indicates the time, and the bold colored Quantum collection. An independent brand, Ritmo Mundo has also brought some great sport watches, especially in the auto-inspired world. Not a big brand under a group umbrella, Ritmo Mundo has, nonetheless, managed to capture partnerships with rallies and relationships that work in its sphere, and has a nice global following of watch lovers.

Now, we bring you the full, unedited open letter.

 Ritmo Mundo:  OMG, Shut Up.


Our brand is not backed by the financial balance sheets of Swiss, Japanese, or American conglomerates, supported by thousands of employees working for a common purpose.

Our brand does not enjoy the ability to make errors that can be swiped through financial/accounting methods to hide those mistakes in production, in marketing, and in choices of partners.

Our brand does not have the ability to host lavish parties for bloggers, journalists, influencers and even retailers to exotic wonderful destinations in order to sway the opinions of those with power to write or power to purchase.

Our brand doesn’t have the resources to create the less than accurate stories of our company’s historical beginnings, or the raise d’être of our DNA, and partnerships with celebrities.

What our brand lacks above is more than offset by qualities which we have had for 15 years to survive in the watch jungle. We have made a small impact on offering alternative designs, watches, and perspectives to what is alternatively a very mono-chromatic universe of self-hype, perpetuated by press, bloggers, and even retail operators.

Our brand has freedom. First and foremost, our freedom is to create new offerings. Second, our freedom is the ability to nimbly navigate the ever-changing retail spectrum.

Our brand has loyalty of our consumers. Over 15 years, we have over 500,000 end users enjoying our watches. This loyalty has been earned and is our prized accomplishment.

Our brand has friendship of hundreds of consumers, journalist, and retail partners globally. This supporting cast is the main-cast in perpetuating us forward.

Our brand offers access. Access is not abridged but by one degree of separation. A bridge to speak about any matter is a phone call or an email away. Less forget, when we err, we realize it first-hand. We suffer the consequences of such decisions personally. Thus, we are continually monitoring our business and those of our partners.

Finally, our brand is about passion. An individual’s passion to make each watch a personal connection to the user. In today’s world, access to time is plentiful. Access to time telling mechanisms are no longer about telling time, but rather a personal statement of one’s core belief systems and one’s lifestyle. Therefore, it is imperative that our time today is about telling time personally.

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY movement was created to naturally support small business that are sandwiched between mammoth corporate retailers hijacking retail from the Black Friday Week and up to and through online-retailers of the same on Monday with Cyber-Monday.

Statistically, the US has more small business than larger corporate entities The small business sector is the driving force of both state and federal tax base contributions. Furthermore, most consumers work for a small business owner/operator. Concurrently, a majority of jewelry and watch retailers are also small business promoting their business’ today.

Despite the aforementioned, it’s ironic that the majority of these operators decide apposite to their core beliefs when it comes to product selection often going for the “big brands” rather than the niche brands and/or alternatives. Consumers can sway decisions with the power of their wallet and demand a better menu of options to include their core values.

Bloggers, influencers, and journalist are also small business’. Yet daily, these individuals at best unconsciously, or at worst consciously decide to promote the big brands that favor, court, and give offerings to them. It’s ironic that many of those with power of digital pen promote their individuality, independence and not being swayed by others, but willing to jump quickly at the opportunity for a business class trip to a far flung destination to party with their hosts, and thereafter write about their experiences. Time to think and demand access to more real individuality on the part of the press/bloggers that the current menu offerings. The clouds of war do fog up decisions, and in today’s retail climate, it is imperative to be honest with ourselves as much as we are with others.

Thank you.


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