RACE Week- Cars and Watches: Meccaniche Veloci Chrono Driver

Mecchaniche Veloce Chrono Driver

Mecchaniche Veloci Chrono Driver

By Ryan Walsh

Watch brand Meccaniche Veloci is all about designing watches for auto enthusiasts. With Italian heritage, much like Ferrari, this comes as no surprise.  The brand has eight different types of auto-inspired collections in its current inventory, including the Quattro Valvole made of carbon ceramic and created in partnership with the world’s best brake company, Brembo. Whether you want a watch that looks sporty and fast, or a watch that would stop someone in their tracks (no pun intended) – this brand has it.

untitledThe pick of the day, however, is the Chrono Driver. The lightweight, racing inspired carbon design features a swinging 38mm case in black IPB titanium, attached to a carbon frame, leaving a  quick, sleek-looking finish. The chronograph watch dial is offered with a choice of black and gray, or white and silver, with luminescent hands.  Also further making this watch resemble  a track car, are the chronograph counters, with the  minute counter at 9:00, a continuous second counter at   6:00, and the hour counter at 3:00—all resembling a car dashboard. The last part of the style to set the watch apart is the carbon fiber layered strap with red stitching. This self-winding chronograph is water resistant up to 50m. This watch would definitely be one to show off on track day, or to your motorhead buddies, but first, you’ll have to spend around $6,300.

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