Weekend Sojourn: Claudio Pino’s Kinetic Rings – Ring a ding ding

By Samantha Walsh

Last month, fourteen jewelry artists from Montreal were selected to display their newest creations at an exhibition at the Aaron Faber Gallery in  New York City. The exhibition, called Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal: Jewelry Artists of Quebec, was chocked with wonderfully creative pieces, including Claudio Pino’s extraordinary Kinetic Rings. By combining kinetic movement with stones of varying colors and metals, his rings had a traditional yet visionary look, and were completely unique. With intricate 3 dimensional designs and every small detail accounted for, it is clear that each piece takes hours upon hours to craft. While these pieces are very different from what one traditionally may expect in a ring, I find them absolutely stunning. The style in which Pino designs is cutting edge and definitely a trend to check out.If you are passing by Toronto this summer, Pino is presenting a collection of rings at the Zilberschmuck Gallery. Go try them on.

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