Time Capsules: Product- Backes & Strauss Victoria Blue Heart supports Charity

At the recent World Premiere of Haute Horlogerie held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, famed British jewelry and watch brand, Backes & Strauss showed off some of its most exquisite diamond-adorned timepieces. Among the highlights were pieces in the Berkeley, Piccadilly and Regent lines, as well as a specialty piece in the brand’s Victoria Collection – the Victoria Blue Heart. While this watch was unveiled to the world in January, it is currently available for sale globally.

The Backes & Strauss Victoria Blue Heart watch is set with 191 diamonds and 25 blue sapphries.

Crafted in 18-karat white gold and set with a diamond floral motif with blue sapphires in the shape of a heart, the Victoria Blue Heart watch highlights the work of the United Nations Blue Heart Campaign against Human Trafficking. The Victoria Collection is inspired by a 19th century Backes & Strauss design found in the company’s archives. (In fact, Backes & Strauss London is the oldest diamond company in London, doing business since 1789. All of its collections are inspired by British heritage.)

The blue heart of the Backes & Strauss Victoria Blue Heart watch symbolizes the effort to stop human trafficking.

With Thanksgiving here, and as so many of us count our blessings, it seems only right to acknowledge those in trouble. Unfortunately, human trafficking is a crime that affects every country around the world, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims. It is estimated that 2.4 million people throughout the world are lured into forced labor as a result of human trafficking at any given time. (ILO, 2005) The statistics show that women and girls account for about 80% of the detected victims. Child trafficking accounts for about 15-20% of the victims. The Victoria Blue Heart watch and the Blue Heart Campaign’s goals are to mobilize support for action against human trafficking by international organizations, governments, civil society, the private sector and ultimately by individuals. Proceeds of the sales of Backes & Strauss Victoria Blue Heart watches go to this cause.

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