Watch Stops 2011: SIHH Panerai Serves the Bronze

You read here at a few weeks ago all about the Panerai Composite watch. Now the brand moves forward with another cool material rarely used in watchmaking but guaranteed to always be unique: Bronze. This new Luminor Submersible 1950  3 Days Automatic Brozno watch features a case made of CuSn8 bronze. It is an alloy of copper and tin in a pure state. The 47 mm bold beauty is water resistant to the corrosive actions of sea water – an important point with the Submersible. What’s ultra alluring about it is that with time, and with exposure to the elements, as well as to the skin, the bronze forms a patina that makes each watch unique in and of itself. The watch, with three days of power reserve, retails for about $10,100.  This is one watch that definitely ranks as a Panerai winner.


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