Watch Stops: SIHH 2011 – A. Lange & Sohne Makes Beautiful Music

Easily one of the shining stars at this year’s SIHH, and guaranteed to be a much-clamored-for watch by collectors now that it has come into the limelight:  the Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time by A. Lange & Sohne. This stunning mastery is a work of art form and function – technology and beauty come together in a way only A. Lange could whip up.

The watch is a jumping hour and jumping minute timepiece – both readouts harmoniously placed on the dial for beautiful balance. Centered at the 6:00 spot is the oversized subseconds dial. What makes this already good-looking complex piece all the more magical? The addition of a strike mechanism that chimes the hours and the quarter hours with two different tones – one tone for the quarter hours and one for the full hours. The striking mechanism gongs are superbly placed right on the dial – on either side of the subseconds dial – for viewing when they perform.  The striking (literally and figuratively) watch is created in a limited edition of 100 pieces in platinum ($111,400) and in white gold ($98,800).


2 thoughts on “Watch Stops: SIHH 2011 – A. Lange & Sohne Makes Beautiful Music

  1. Easily the most impressive watch at SIHH. Yes, some of the exotic watches for half a million plus dollars are technical marvels but this Zeitwerk is great engineering and beautiful design. It is pricey but not crazy compared to other Lange models.
    I actually liked the gold better than the platinum.

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