Leap Year — Why We Have It and Watches that Can Help You Track It

 |  February 29th, 2016

  Today is February 29th—a day that comes around only once every four years. Called Leap Year, the year with the extra day in it has a special meaning. While to some it may be reverse day (women, you can ask that man to marry you today), and to others it may be an extra day to just celebrate life, the reality is that the extra day only happens so that we can be more in keeping with the true solar time. It takes the Earth approximately 365.242189 days – or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds – to circle once around the Sun. But the Gregorian calendar – created to offer trackable days of equal length…

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Hands On with the MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar Watch

 |  December 29th, 2015

What can we say about MB&F that we haven’t already said? Different, edgy, unique, incredible and — well — an all-around great team of people, as well. Now, MB&F brings us the newest round Legacy Machine — the Perpetual Calendar. The watch strikes a chord with us for a number of different reasons.  To begin with, Legacy is a round watch — the only round watch in the MB&F line — and this is the brand’s first true complication — so what better, more traditional way to unveil a complication than in a round watch? The thing is, the complication itself — the perpetual calendar — is incredibly unique in it s function — making the watch a blend of…

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Meet the New Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon in Blue

 |  December 14th, 2015

By Samantha Walsh In a testament to their tradition of watches with astronomical indications, Arnold & Son added another moon phase to the Royal Collection with a new version of the HM Perpetual Moon. In a steel case with a blue guilloche dial, the new HM Perpetual Moon features one of the largest moon phase apertures on the market. The 29mm moon phase disc, which spreads from 10 to 2 o’clock, features a 11.2mm three-dimensional sculptured moon that was first hand-engraved and then duplicated for the series. The watch also has a unique easy-to-set feature thanks to the ingenious addition of a second moon indication at the back of the movement. The second moon display, visible via transparent case back,…

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Audemars Piguet Unveils Yellow Gold Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar

 |  November 13th, 2015

  As is typical with Audemars Piguet, the brand takes a leap of faith in terms of creativity and technical innovation, and – as is typical of the independently owned and operated Swiss brand – it has come out on top again. I am referring to its release a few months ago of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar watch, and I am referring to the fact that in addition to offering the much-coveted complication in stainless steel, rose and white gold – it now announces the appearance of an 18-karat yellow gold version. We wrote about the brand’s extended history in creating perpetual calendar watches when it announced the new Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar watch a few months ago. You…

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Audemars Piguet Unveils Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, Thin and Precise for More Than 125 Years

 |  September 14th, 2015

Perpetual calendars are a much-coveted complication amongst watch collectors. They have also been a part of the DNA of Audemars Piguet for decades. Before we tell you all about that legacy, we want to introduce you to the new 2015 Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar ultra-flat watch. A work of art, balance and craftsmanship, the timepiece is offered in four versions: two each in gold and steel. But it is not the different models that will blow you away; it is the elegance and precision that will have you wanting one on your wrist. The 41mm watch offers astronomical moon indication — laser micro-structured and laid on the aventurine dial – that is so precise it will not need an adjustment for…

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