Chopard Raises the bar on Gold Mining with its Fairmined L.U.C Tourbillon

 |  November 30th, 2014

By Isaac Wingold In today’s world, most consumers of luxury goods are aware of the measures one must take when acquiring a precious stone. Due to the popularity of the “Blood Diamond” movement, we’ve learned to avoid purchasing a stone that may fuel conflicts, but what most don’t realize is that the issue goes beyond just stones. Unfairly mined precious metals are also a prime example of the dark avarice of some individuals – yet another unpleasant reality the world faces. For this reason, watchmaking and jewelry industry giant Chopard has chosen to collaborate with the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), to work towards giving Latin American mining communities Fairmined certification. Through their support of sustainable precious metals, and the…

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Moon Accuracy for 122 Years … Introducing the White Gold L.U.C Lunar Big Date from Chopard

 |  July 23rd, 2014

By Gordon Henderson Originally launched in 2009, the Chopard L.U.C Lunar Big Date watch housed the L.U.C 96.20-L, with a moon phase accuracy of 122 years! Coming from a mechanical piece, made in-house by Chopard, this is a big deal because if the watch never stops running, you won’t have to adjust the moonphase in your lifetime. Now, Chopard takes that same movement and introduces the watch in an 18-karat white gold version with an updated design aesthetic. Before I delve into the details of this watch, I should start off by saying that I have a personal bias towards lunar complications. As such, if there is some editorial sensationalism don’t be surprised. The dial on this watch is absolutely…

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Four Fabulous Finds for Dads and Grads: Watches are Timeless Gifts

 |  June 10th, 2014

Last Friday, we brought you six sensational watches for dads and grads. Since Father’s Day is just five days away, today we bring you four more fabulous finds for the man in your life. This slide show brings intriguing watches to the forefront that include a high-tech sporty looking watch for dads or grads who enjoy an active lifestyle, a watch that pays tribute to vintage racing for dads and grads who love automobiles, a pilot inspired German-made watch, and a stunning and affordable chronograph with extra functions that will thrill the thrill seeker.   These four finds come from master watch brands, Montblanc, Chopard, Tutima and Baume & Mercier. Enjoy the slide show.  

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Horology and Alchemy: How Chopard Watches Melts its Own Gold for Cases

 |  May 13th, 2014

Recently, I had the grand opportunity to visit Chopard in Geneva to see the one thing I had not yet seen in watchmaking: Gold melting for case making.  While it is not the most glamorous portion of watchmaking – melting gold and mixing the colors of gold is one process that few brands actually do on their own premises.  Essentially, the creation of gold cases   starts with a pretty hefty bar of the real stuff.  At Chopard, that bar of real stuff comes in the form of a 1 kilo (1000 grams) bar of 999.9 gold (meaning it is 999.9 parts of gold out of 10,000 parts, or, in other words, 99.9% gold purity by weight.  Gold bars are manufactured…

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Introducing the Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Collection (Pre BaselWorld 2014)

 |  March 20th, 2014

Bold, race-inspired and true to form, the new Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique collection pays tribute to the world of vintage Formula 1 racing in a classic way. We all know how intimately involved with auto racing Chopard is. Not only has this brand sponsored and crated the Mille Miglia timepieces for years, but also its owners drive (and own) vintage cars in many rallies around the world. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the brand would continue to develop the car/watch relationship. This year it moves forward with this all new collection. This year marks the 7th consecutive year that Chopard is the sponsor and official timekeeper of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique rally, and so…

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