Storage Wars: USB Keys at SIHH 2017

 |  January 24th, 2017

Those who have been following ATimelyPerspective know that we enjoy taking a break from the seriousness of timepieces once in a while and focusing on things that are — well — a little fun. Each year after the shows, we present the most creative or best USB sticks. On these grand devices, the watch brands store all of their photos and information and the USBs are the key to opening the goods (so to speak). This year we had some interesting pieces that were repeats of last year — including the light bulb from Manufacture Royale — but we focus instead on the new USB introductions.  H. Moser et Cie had a lot of fun playing off of the brand’s Swiss-made statement. The…

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Fast Focus:Baume & Mercier Displays Capeland Shelby Cobra Legendary Driver Watches at McCall’s Motorworks Revival

 |  August 26th, 2016

  It’s been a busy few weeks in Monterey with all of the incredible car festivals and events that range from the 25th Anniversary of McCall’s annual Motorworks Revival to the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance, which we wrote about here and here. At the McCall’s annual Motorworks Revival, which has become known as the kickoff party to the world-renowned Monterey Car Week, Baume & Mercier introduced four limited edition chronographs to the world that pay homage to Shelby Cobra racecar drivers who competed behind the wheel of the famous Shelby Cobra CSX2128 in the early 1960’s. Baume & Mercier honored racecar drivers Dan Gurney (No. #15), Ken Miles (No. #50), Dave MacDonald (No. #97) and Allen Grant (No. #96)…

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Baume & Mercier Unveils Four Limited Edition Capeland Shelby Cobra 1963 Chronographs Honoring Drivers

 |  June 1st, 2016

Certain things just go together and their synergistic value can never be understated. Pants and pockets, peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, buttered popcorn and a good movie and, of course, watches and auto racing. In celebration of that unity, Baume & Mercier unveils four new Capeland Shelby Cobra 1963 Chronographs —  honoring the iconic Cobra racing car and four of the 1960’s team drivers who helped steer the Cobra CSX2128 to racetrack victories that made history. The Shelby Cobra and tribute pieces from Baume & Mercier is a line we have been extremely excited about and have covered a number of times here at ATimelyPerspective. For the  newest 1963 tribute pieces, Baume & Mercier honors  four of the specific drivers of these iconic American…

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Baume & Mercier Unveils Petite Promesse Watches with Double-Wrap Straps

 |  April 21st, 2016

Last week, we had the great opportunity to join Baume & Mercier at the Standard Penthouse in New York City as the brand celebrated the official unveiling of the new 22mm Petite Promesse. We wrote about this watch in full detail on our column on WorldTempus earlier this week. You can read about the thinking behind the watch, and its development there. But now we would like to bring you a quick look at the bold colors, the stunning double-wrap leather straps and the sensual curves of Baume & Mercier’s Petite Promesse. The concept of Promesse – that promises matter and are important in our lives – has endeared  women around the world to the line, and the unveiling of the…

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Storage Wars: SIHH 2016 Innovative USB Keys

 |  January 28th, 2016

Welcome to the first edition of Storage Wars 2016 — based on the SIHH exhibition and a few independent brands exhibiting in Geneva. Every year we embark on trips to find the most exciting timepieces on the market — and we come home with a wealth of information and images. All of that info is stored,  brand by brand, in a single place. Typically, that places is a USB key. As such, many watch brands go to the trouble of making creative USBs. We’ve covered this subject here before, but now we bring you the Innovative USB winners of SIHH 2016. These are the brands that gave us fun, cool or interesting powerful thumb drives. And this year’s winners are: MB&F,…

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