Are Men Ready for a Nearly $35,000 Chanel Monsieur Watch?

 |  October 20th, 2016

Earlier this year, in Baselworld 2016, i was whisked away into a back room of the Chanel exhibition space to see a  video about a top secret project: the Monsieur de Chanel men’s watch — that would appear on the market later in the year. The watch is here and it has a lot to offer, but the question is, are men ready for a Chanel watch that retails for $34,500? I think the answer is “yes” — for the right watch, and Chanel may just have gotten this one (like its J12 and certain other complicated watches before it) right. While I was sworn to secrecy then, the watch is out and coming to stores this month. The  classically elegant Monsieur de…

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Fast Focus: A Look at One of the Most Affordable Perpetual Calendars — from Frederique Constant

 |  September 9th, 2016

    Frederique Constant, recently purchased by Citizen, has been a family-owned, independent watch brand for decades. In fact, I remember when the brand first launched, and I have been proud to say the founders — Peter and Aletta Stas — have always been committed to offering superb quality and incredible prices. The new Perpetual Calendar watch, in stores now, does not disappoint. First shown to the world during the March BaselWorld exhibition, the Swiss-made Frederique Constant Perpetual Calendar watches are in stores now and deserve a good close-up look. Offered in stainless steel or in gold-plated steel, the new perpetual calendars feature the FC-775 automatic movement that was designed and developed in-house in the brand’s Plan-les-Ouates workshops outside of Geneva.…

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Hands On: Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon (with Wood Dial, Ship’s Rigging and More)

 |  July 13th, 2016

Earlier this year at Baselworld 2016, Ulysse Nardin unveiled the revolutionary Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon — a watch that is making its way to stores now.  The incredible scope of ingenuity and pioneering spirit behind this watch is mind-blowing. Reflecting the brand’s rich roots in marine chronometers, the new  Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon limited-edition watch is not only a nautically inspired timepiece with a hand-crafted wood marquetry dial, but also it is the first watch in history to utilize fiber Nano-threads (thinner than a strand of hair and borrowed from the ship-rigging industry) on the dial to resemble a ship’s rigging and to play an integral role in displaying the time. The high-precision watch features a dial that resembles a…

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New 2016 MB&F Art Pieces Range from Luminous HMX Black Badger to LM1 Silberstein

 |  June 21st, 2016

It’s been a busy year of new introductions in the “art” family of MB&F.  Two important collaborations have been made and pieces will be seen in stores soon. The first adventure is one between MB&F and “illuminating” partner, James Thompson, founder of Black Badger Advanced Composites in the form of the HMX Black Badger. The second is with famed designer, Alain Silberstein in the form of the Legacy Machine Number1 Silberstein. For those who know Max Busser and friends, art machines have been an important part of the brand’s repertoire — and are referred to as the Performance Art Collection.  The new HMX Black Badger “glow in the dark” watches are created in titanium and steel limited-editions and feature either luminous Radar Green, Phantom Blue or…

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Hands On with Corum’s Round Golden Bridge Watches

 |  June 17th, 2016

This year at Baselworld, Corum made a big announcement. The brand unveiled its first ever Golden Bridge watch in a round format. This is huge news, but we were waiting to cover it until we could actually get our hands on the watch. The timepieces are a refreshing rendition of the original rectangular shaped Golden Bridge (which continues to be produced).  The concept, though, was to make the watch more accessible to the many watch lovers out there who prefer a round watch. The Golden Bridge portion of the watch, wherein the entire movement is linear and visible via the sapphire crystal and casebook, remains in the very center in its signature vertical format. However, to the left and right…

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