A Close-Up Look at the Award-Winning Louis Moinet Vertalor Tourbillon Watch

 |  November 18th, 2015

Last year, for the brand’s tenth anniversary, Louis Moinet released the Vertalor, which is a watch that features a tourbillon in a cage hung beneath a three armed gold cage. What the innovation means for watchmaking, horology and the efficacy of this piece to standout against the crowded  backdrop of haute horology watches featuring a tourbillon movement wouldn’t be answered until a year later. Well, it’s been a year —  and the Vertalor has just won the International Chronometry Competition. The competition is the watch equivalent of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, but this version is a four month marathon without a single pit stop. Winning the award is a real boon for the brand as it helps validate the talent…

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