ATimelyEvent: Breguet Celebrates Aviation Watch Heritage

 |  July 2nd, 2012

If you are in New York this week- through Sunday July 8th — you won’t want to miss this great Breguet exhibit celebrating a century in aviation-inspired timepieces that is on display at the Breguet Boutique on Fifth Avenue (711 Fifth Avenue, between 55th and 56th Streets). The exhibition, “Breguet: Watchmaker, Aviator, Innovator,” was unveiled in New York just a couple of weeks ago atop the famed Intrepid, where, amidst a fleet of fighter planes, Breguet hosted a cocktail reception to welcome hundreds of guests as they roamed not only The Intrepid, but also the superb exhibition of 26 Breguet aviation related watches, including 10 vintage timepieces on display for the first time in the U.S.A. The exhibit draws the…

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A Moment in Time: Astronaut Scott Carpenter

 |  June 1st, 2012

On May 24th, in New York City, at the Breitling boutique, Breitling and astronaut Scott Carpenter celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first lift off into space. Scott Carpenter, pioneer of modern exploration, has the unique distinction of being the first human ever to penetrate both inner and outer space, thereby acquiring the dual title Astronaut/Aquanaut. He was chosen as one of the “Original Seven” Mercury astronauts, and on April 9, 1959 was assigned to the Manned Spacecraft Center (then Space Task Group) at Langley Field, Virginia.  On May 24, 1962, Carpenter lifted off aboard the spacecraft he dubbed Aurora 7 sitting atop the Mercury-Atlas 7 rocket. His spacecraft attained a maximum altitude (apogee) of 164 miles and an orbital…

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Around the World: Video — Cartier Unveils L’Odyssee de Cartier – a Film like Nothing Else!

 |  March 4th, 2012

Embracing the panther – Cartier’s long-time legendary icon – the House of Cartier brings superb luxury, imagination and sublime beauty to the forefront in a creative new three-and-a-half minute film that magically brings together its history, its global presence and its amazing craftsmanship. This is a MUST SEE VIDEO. Absolutely enchanting! It is one you can watch again and again – grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine and make it full screen! It has something for everyone – a bit of high-tech video manipulations, rich history, a tour of the world, and – of course – the panther – the emblematic Cartier beast that embodies beauty, decisiveness, instinct and allure. The film, directed by leading ad…

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Time Capsules: Commentary — Fun Facts about the Birth of the Wristwatch

 |  November 15th, 2011

FoCartier Tank Watches, ca 1940sr those of you who are history buffs or those interested in a little more fun information to pack in to your thought processes about watches, we are bringing you a little insight into the just-over-a-century-old wristwatch era. Sure there are a few prior “watches for the wrist” on historical record (Patek Philippe in 1868, Audemars Piguet in 1893 and Girard-Perregaux), but the first real made-for- the-wrist watch made its debut in 1904, in the form of a Cartier Santos. The birth of the wrist watch was spurred by several things, Alberto Santos-Dumontincluding the South African Boer wars of 1899-1902, wherein the military officers liked watches on the wrist for easier accessibility than pocket watches. In…

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Trend Report: Aviator Watches

 |  August 1st, 2011

IWC Big Pilot’s watchCall them what you want, aviator watches, pilot watches, aeronautical instrument watches – it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that aviator watches are easily one of the most important genre of timepieces on the market today thanks to so many technological developments in shock resistances, antimagnetic cases and precision excellence, as well as design. Pilot watches have their true roots with the dawn of the age of flying – the 1920’s and 1930s, but they Tutima Grand Classic Black garnered fast favor in the late 1930s and early 1940’s when brands such as IWC invented the soft inner iron case to guard against magnetism while in flight. With the advent of the space program, Breitling,…

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