26 Reasons for Watch Lovers to Go to Vegas for the Luxury Suisse and World WatchMarket Show

 |  May 31st, 2016

Watch lovers kick up your heels and get packing. There has never been a better reason to go to Las Vegas than now. Beginning this weekend, you will have access to some of the most unusual and rarely seen independent watch brands at the first-ever open-to-the-public watch show ever to be in Vegas:  Luxury Suisse and World WatchMarket The exhibition will open its doors to watch lovers at the Trump International Hotel June 4 and 5, and will showcase more than two dozen top independent watch brands. Visitors can enjoy access to the designers and owners of the brands, as well as get a hands-on look at some of the most creative luxury watches and writing instrument brands. The show is open…

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Can You Smoke That Watch? ArtyA Leaves Us Marveling Yet Again (Pre BaselWorld 2015)

 |  February 16th, 2015

By Dan O’Rourke Wow it’s mid February already! You may have forgotten we recently just started a new year. Vacations end and you get back to the daily grind. Well, we are here just to remind you that with a new year comes new excitement. To help bring the 2015 excitement alive, and just in time for Pre-BaselWorld 2015, ArytA has released five very spectacular watches, each with its own unique theme. Their limited release will make them coveted, but their completely innovative designs and their highly customizable features will make you envious. All five watches are equipped with choices, so many so that its highly unlikely that any single watch will be created alike. For example the Son of…

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ArtyA at GTE 2013 – The gears take over

 |  January 20th, 2013

ArtyA is a brand that we here at Atimelyperspective.com love. We’ve written about it many times before and will continue to do so- simply because of the sheer innovation of its fearless leader, Yvan Arpa. In this newest L’Horlogere watch, ArtyA makes decorative use of the functional mechanism components. ‘L’Horlogère’ features a dial containing real gears and watchmaking components. The bezel is garnished with cogwheels and watchmaking gears to amplify the beauty of the watch. The inner beauty of the automatic Swiss movement, powered by three non-circular gears, is magnificently merged with the beauty of its external components. SC2, has engineered this technical art piece, a true tribute to high horology.

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Time Capsules: Product – ArtyA Unveils Blood and Bullet Watch

 |  October 19th, 2012

We’ve written about ArtyA before here – in fact, this is a brand we love. The creative genius of Yvan Arpa is nearly unparalleled when it comes to wild, different and definitively off-beat. In fact, his timepieces are works of art, and he openly states that the “Imagination running wild leads the artist, and the watchmaker has no choice but to follow.” ArtyA uses real elements in the design of its watches – everything from dirt to bugs, animal fur, metals and more. Every piece is a unique work of art. Now, just in time for Halloween, the brand unveils the Blood and Bullet watch – maybe a great thing to have while out trick-or-treating in case you run into…

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WatchStops: BaselWorld 2012 – ArtyA Son of Gun Werewolf Bullet – Silver Will get you Every Time

 |  March 16th, 2012

ArtyA never ceases to amaze us. We’ve written about this brand before and could regularly do so thanks to the innovative use of real materials ArtyA brings forth in it timepieces. Recently, the brand release d the ArtyA Son of a Gun watch. The revolutionary patented ArtyA invented process give the case a unique look. The inner dial is sprinkled with gunpowder  and gold leaves and showcases six real 6mm Flobert bullets suspended in the . The back of the watch features a unique rotor made of three P38 cartridges. Also, hot on the heels of that watch, the brand now releases the ArtyA Son of a Gun Camouflage Werewolf Bullet watch. The dial is set   with a silver bullet…

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