Jaquet Droz Unveils ‘Year of the Rooster’ Petite Heure Minute Watch for the Chinese New Year

 |  December 12th, 2016

It’s around the corner — the Chinese New Year begins on January 28, 2017, and rings in the year of the rooster.  In celebration, certain watch brands unveil timepieces dedicated to this 10th sign of the Chinese zodiac. Jaquet Droz is one such brand and this morning the company released its newest renditions — two dial versions and four final choices of the limited edition  Year of the Rooster Petite Heure Minute watch. Jaquet Droz Petite-Heure Chinese Fire Rooster  As in the past, Jaquet Droz  unveiled a superb tribute to the Chinese zodiac — with several renditions perfect for men or women and showcasing the brand’s technical prowess and artistic craftsmanship.There are two distinct dial options being offered, with one dial…

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Inside Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Rare Handcrafts Atelier (Dial Painting, Gem Setting, Technology)

 |  June 13th, 2016

It isn’t every day one gets to visit one of the top-tier Manufactures — but I have been lucky enough to visit Jaeger-LeCoultre twice in one year.  The brand, tucked away in the village of Le Sentier, Switzerland, has a rich history of watchmaking and innovative pioneering that sets it apart from most others and flags it as a benchmark leader. In our article on HauteTime, we bring you a close-up look at the Manufacture, check it out here. Meanwhile, we want to bring you a look at some of the those master artisan works. From enameling to gem setting, guilloche work and other arts, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s craftsmen are masters at their art.  Recently, the brand brought all of these facets of watchmaking…

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Louis Moinet Uses Meteorites, Dinosaur Bones and Other Treasures for Rare Artistic Watch Dials

 |  June 3rd, 2016

A lot of reference has been made in the horological community about some of the exotic materials being used in the design of high-end time pieces. While we are as big a fan as any others about the latest carbon compound being forged into a watch, there are certain elements that evoke a sense of timelessness that give pause. Such is the case with dials made of meteors, rare woods, exotic stones — and Louis Moinet is a master at these dials. The brand even has a dial made with dinosaur bones. Indeed, in its Jurassic Tourbillon, the Astralis collection, and the Treasures of the World collections, the brand offers dials that — in some instances — are hundreds of millions…

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8 Amazing “Year of the Monkey” Watches Celebrate the Chinese New Year (Slide show)

 |  February 8th, 2016

If you look back though the past month, we have brought you a close up look at several of the amazing new watches unveiled to celebrate today’s Chinese New Year. This year, the year of the Monkey, honors the clever monkey, whose job it was to guard the Imperial garden of peaches — said to give eternal life. Instead, the smart monkey ate the peaches — and today is a symbol of good luck and long life. Top watch brands — most of which annually celebrate the Chinese New Year with a new timepiece — unveil elaborate artistic “year of the monkey”  watches. Among the standouts: Vacheron Constantin (full details here), Ulysse Nardin (read more details here), Chopard (read about it…

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Close-Up Look at the Art of Jaeger-LeCoultre Hand Painted Watches (Slide Show)

 |  November 30th, 2015

Earlier this year,  I had the distinct pleasure of joining Jaeger-LeCoultre at their Manufacture in Le Sentier for a lesson in hand painting. Those who know me well, know that I have dabbled in hand painting over the years, thanks to my artist mother who was an avid painter on fine white china. She took white porcelain and — via hundreds of long hours and countless paintings and firings — turned each piece (dish, brooch, ring, earrings, bowls, urns, candelabras, etc.) into magnificent works of art. While i have made a couple of pieces under her tutelage that hang in my house (including a beautiful beach scene),  I could never dream to be half the artist she is. Every time i witness…

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