Fast Focus: Meet the Armin Strom Gravity Sailing Watch

 |  August 29th, 2016

With summer still in full swing, there is no better time to indulge in a great water watch, especially when that watch is the Special Edition Armin Strom Gravity Sailing piece. Created in honor of the Armin Strom Sailing Team’s success in the 2016 Great Cup 32 Series, the watch’s micro rotor is visible from the dial side of the watch, as are wheels and gears of the movement. The first piece in the 32-piece line went to the Team’s Skipper, Flavio Marazzi. The Limited Edition Gravity Sailing watch features a striking black and orange dial and strap to recall the catamaran and its sail. The watch is powered by the Manufacture-made Armin Strom Caliber AMR13. The automatic watch offers…

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Watch this Armin Strom Watchmaking Video — You’ll be Glad You Did

 |  July 27th, 2015

If seeing is believing, then Armin Strom’s newest short video will have you understanding the fundamental principles behind the brand’s entire manufacturing process. The detailed craftsmanship that goes into creating such exceptional timepieces is now available for all to see.  From a concept’s inception to its final completion, the balance between man and machine aligns perfectly. The  approximately 2-1/2-minute video below demonstrates the brand’s Swiss watchmaking abilities and forward thinking innovation– and is worth the time. It is interesting to note that one of the key lines for the brand is its Skeleton Pure  three-dimensional timepieces with four distinct models, two of which we covered  here. The watch is the perfect tie-in with Armin Strom’s sailing venture, now in its second year. In…

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