Armin Strom Partners with Gumball 3000 — The Around-the-World Rally

 |  April 3rd, 2015

What do Stockholm and Las Vegas have in common? Stop scratching your head … in reality the answer is nothing. However, each year a supercar rally featuring 120 select speedsters travels 3,000 miles across the globe for sport. And this year the trademarked Gumball 3000 Rally will be travelling from Europe’s “Venice of the North” to America’s “Sin City” all in just one week. In commemoration of this rambunctious rally, Armin Strom has released 3 different designs of its Gumball 3000 collection to honor its partnership  of this grand 7-day adventure. Gumball 3000 began back in 1999 when founder (and ex-racecar driver) Maximillion Cooper created a pop culture lifestyle brand-of-the-future (3000) based around all things that comprise a culture — including cars,…

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