Hands-On Review of the Apple Watch: This Guy Walks into a Genius Bar ….

 |  July 2nd, 2015

By Norman M. Miller Like many watch lovers who are also tech geeks, I knew I was ordering the Apple Watch as soon as it was announced. I anxiously waited at my Mac Book for ordering to begin on April 10, and incessantly checked my order status on both my iPhone and iPad until a confirmation email told me I’d receive it on or around June 24. “Bummer,” I thought at the time … I wouldn’t have it to wear to the Las Vegas jewelry shows, where mixed opinions awaited. Unlike some, I do not see the Apple watch as a threat to the watch industry. I see it as an opportunity. Think about the 20 something’s in your lives…

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Apple Watch Pre-Orders Soar, But Can It Deliver?

 |  April 17th, 2015

As we wrap up our week-long look at SmartWatches from traditional watch brands, we think it is only fitting to take a look at the leader of the SmartWatch pack from the technological side: the Apple Watch. Yes, one of our contributors and a true watch lover has pre-ordered his Apple Watch, as have many tech-savvy followers of ours — demonstrating that a love of technology and traditional watches are not mutually exclusive. And, as the pre-orders for this device rise into the millions, we can’t help but wonder just what kind of impact it will have on our daily lives and on society for that matter. We will certainly see a generation more connected than ever before. With the Apple Watch, it seems…

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