Bone-Chilling: Edox’s HydroSub Anniversary Diver’s Watch Withstands -40°F Waters

 |  May 11th, 2015

I bet if I put my car keys in a plastic bag submerged under -40°F water for three minutes they probably wouldn’t work anymore. To be honest, if I put my body into water that cold I most likely wouldn’t work anymore either. However, in celebration of Edox’s 50th  anniversary of its HydroSub Automatic divers watch, champion free-diver Christian Redl joined Australian photographer Marcus Fillinger to perform and capture the world’s first free-dive underneath the North arctic polar ice cap. A genuinely amazing feat like this requires a special timepiece to withstand the frigid elements beneath the North Pole. The Edox HydroSub was first released in 1965 and set new standards for the brand’s water watches, standards it continues to uphold. Today, the…

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