Hamilton Watches Fights to Save the World in Independence Day: Resurgence Movie

 |  June 24th, 2016

  Last night in New York City, Hamilton Watches  had a private screening of Independence Day: Resurgence. Yes, it has been 20 years since the first Independence Day movie, and now the next chapter emerges — with Hamilton in the forefront. With the concept being “20 Years Later and they are coming back,”  the new film, directed by Roland Emmerich (who also directed the first movie), is rich with special effects, handsome fighters and four even-more-handsome Hamilton timepieces. Hamilton Watches has a long and storied past with cinema so its appearance in the newest fight to save Earth is no surprise. Hamilton Khaki X-Wind on Jake Morrison in Independence Day Resurgence_PR… The Sci-Fi movie, Independence Day: Resurgence, is expected to…

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