MB&F Brings Aliens to Life: Introducing the Legacy Machine No. 1 Xia Hang Watch – A World’s First (original pics, prices)

 |  February 27th, 2014

It’s an odd mix of futuristic science fiction and pure, unadulterated watchmaking – and it’s a world’s first. Yes, Max Busser, founder of MB&F and lover of all things space age and science fiction, takes his horological machines to an all new level as he breathes life into the new LM1 Xia Hang watch. The first ever vertical power reserve indicator – this incredible watch features a tiny aluminum alien sitting on the dial with his head fully raised while the watch is fully wound and lowers his head as the 45-hour power reserve dwindles to the end. Winding the watch to power the mechanics breathes life into the 1/8” tall alien and he raises his head and sits straight…

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