Fast Focus: Eterna Unveils 1948 For Him Reveil Watch

 |  July 26th, 2016

As part of its much-coveted Heritage Collection, Eterna unveils the new 1948 For Him Reveil watch. Deftly blending classic style and watchmaking prowess, Eterna’s newest watch is a statement of form and function. Each watch is powered by a rare movement, the 1475 caliber with alarm function. The vintage movements were discovered by Eterna and it was decided to create a special edition watch. Just 70 pieces will ever be made. The mechanical watch offers hour, minutes, seconds and alarm functions. It also has 46 hours of power reserve. The alarm is indicated by a distinct red hand.  The 40mm case is crafted in stainless steel and the daily is vintage eggshell white. Even better is the retail price: just $5,000. Eterna…

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Trend Report: Alarm Watches

 |  November 8th, 2012

Today’s busy travelers have developed a fascination with mechanical alarm watches – using them in place of wake-up calls in hotels, or as a reminder to take medicine, pick up a child, or run to a meeting. These highly functional watches house extra mechanical mechanisms that make it possible to sound a tone at a pre-set time. Long a function reserved for clocks, the alarm sound was finally miniaturized and perfected enough to fit into a wrist watch just about a century ago. Eterna Watch Company patented the first alarm wristwatch in 1908, though it didn’t go into production until 1914. Vulcain, often referred to as the U.S. “President’s Watch,” brought its first mechanical alarm wristwatches into production in 1947.…

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