Jaeger-LeCoultre Unveils All New Polaris Collection At SIHH 2018, With Polaris Memovox, Polaris Chronograph And More

 |  January 16th, 2018

In a bold move, Jaeger-LeCoultre this year unveils an all-new watch collection, Polaris, that is inspired by the Memovox Polaris line from 1968,  but that offers a contemporary appeal. Taking distinctive design cues from that 50-year-old icon, Jaeger-LeCoultre incorporates them into a full range of watches that Include a Polaris Memovox, Polaris Chronograph, Polaris Chronograph World Time watch, a Polaris Automatic three-hand watch and a Polaris Date watch. These five key models comprise the initial release of this all-new line. There…

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How Eterna Continually Advanced Watchmaking Concepts: A Look at Eterna-Matic, Spherodrive and Caliber 39

 |  June 1st, 2017

With a company tag line of “Pioneers in Watchmaking,” Eterna has been on the cutting edge of innovation for more than 160 years. In fact, this brand – which established today’s famed ETA movement company in 1932 — is known for developing new solutions for watchmaking challenges. One important contribution was in the realm of automatic watches. Indeed, when Eterna unveiled the Eterna-Matic movement in 1948, it changed the way brands looked at automatic movements. The Eterna-Matic caliber essentially featured…

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Hermes Slim d’Hermes L’Heure Impatiente Watch Impatiently Counts Down The Minutes Until A Set Meeting

 |  April 12th, 2017

Have something important you have to do? Some place exciting you have to be? Hermes has developed a watch that counts down the minutes in the hour before that set time — chiming a tone at the exact minute of the Rendezvous. The Slim d’Hermes L’Heure Impatiente watch, lovingly referred to as the Impatient Hour watch, is the result of a collaboration (once again) between Hermes and  watchmaking great Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, and is the sequel to Hermes’ much-loved Time Suspended (Le…

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Fast Focus: Eterna Unveils 1948 For Him Reveil Watch

 |  July 26th, 2016

As part of its much-coveted Heritage Collection, Eterna unveils the new 1948 For Him Reveil watch. Deftly blending classic style and watchmaking prowess, Eterna’s newest watch is a statement of form and function. Each watch is powered by a rare movement, the 1475 caliber with alarm function. The vintage movements were discovered by Eterna and it was decided to create a special edition watch. Just 70 pieces will ever be made. The mechanical watch offers hour, minutes, seconds and alarm functions. It…

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Trend Report: Alarm Watches

 |  November 8th, 2012

Today’s busy travelers have developed a fascination with mechanical alarm watches – using them in place of wake-up calls in hotels, or as a reminder to take medicine, pick up a child, or run to a meeting. These highly functional watches house extra mechanical mechanisms that make it possible to sound a tone at a pre-set time. Long a function reserved for clocks, the alarm sound was finally miniaturized and perfected enough to fit into a wrist watch just about…

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