Holy Bat on the Wrist: Romain Jerome Unveils Spacecraft Batman Watch

 |  October 11th, 2015

Batman fans, this one is for you. Meet the new Romain Jerome Spacecraft Batman watch — a sleek rendition of high tech, space age and – well – Batman. Thanks to a partnership between Swiss brand Romain Jerome and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, the new piece inspired by the Dark Knight comes to fruition in a limited edition run. This next generation watch in the brand’s Batman series features the Caped Crusader’s black and blue colors. Crafted in black PVD titanium, the trapeze-shaped watch offers stealth appeal that recalls the Bat Mobile, and is meant to be a driver-style watch, with linear digital time readout on the case side. The hour indication is bright blue, while…

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Faberge Reinterpreted — by Master Watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht — Hands On! Oh, and Men, this one is for the Women

 |  June 22nd, 2015

For those who know legends in jewelry and watches, this story may come as no surprise. It is comprised of several renowned men in history and present day: First, there is Peter Carl Faberge — jeweler to the Russian Czars, creator of fantasy and wonder, inventor of the famed Faberge Eggs that open to reveal grand secrets within. His rich creations have spanned centuries, become sought-after by royalty, collectors and those in the know everywhere on Earth, and hold high places in museums around the world. The jewelry company, Faberge, continues to create stunning masterpieces in honor of Faberge — using  Earth’s greatest gemstones, diamonds and metals. Now, the company has introduced an all-new watch line to re-enter the world of…

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