Luminescent Watches: How Watches Like Rolex, Tudor Get Their Glow

 |  December 21st, 2016

Today in history, in 1898, to be precise, husband-and-wife scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radium. It was a discovery that would change lives forever, as the substance made its way into all walks life ranging from medical to watchmaking. Radium was the true start of the luminescent watch and the leader (albeit a killer one) of the pack of “glowing” watches hands and markers. Over the years, the way watches get their glow has changed significantly, but here is a look at how watches get their glow. Essentially, watches that glow in the dark are designed to make nighttime or underwater reading of the time and functions easier. However, the century-plus journey to get to where we are today was not an easy…

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Rio 2016 Wrap Up: From Michael Phelps to Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson, the Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners are also Watch Brand Ambassadors (See what they wear)

 |  August 22nd, 2016

It was a great couple of weeks at Rio 2016, where America came out on top with the highest number of accumulated medals. The Games brought us tears of joy, cries of woe, good sportsmanship and poor sportsmanship, and a host of terrific Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners. Some of those winners are even watch brand ambassadors. Here we take a quick look at the winner’s circle in three sporting arenas. Swimming: Michael Phelps stole the swimming scene with five Gold Medals and one silver. Phelps is probably the most decorated Olympic athlete in history, with 23 Golds and 28 in total. The 31-year-old, who announced his retirement in Rio, is an Omega brand ambassador. He wears timepieces from…

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How Omega Timed and Captured Shauna Miller’s Dive on the Track to Take the Gold at Rio Olympics 2016

 |  August 16th, 2016

Last night at the Rio Olympics, Shaunae Miller dove for the finish line of the women’s 400M– beating Allyson Felix (a now 7-time Olympic Medalist) – and stealing the gold. Felix got the silver. Just a few short strides to the finish line of the grueling race, with Felix and Miller both running in perfect form, the 22-year-old Bahamian Miller simply dove forward with all her strength—falling to the ground across the line. Miller beat Felix by 0.07 seconds. Make no mistake here, she won, and it was legal, but the thing about this win is that it will go down as one of the most debatable Olympic moves when it comes to ethics. It was also a move that…

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RIO 2016: Michael Phelps, Omega Brand Ambassador, Wins 5 Gold Medals, 1 Silver

 |  August 15th, 2016

With his toddler son watching on the sidelines (well, maybe watching, maybe not), Michael Phelps swam to yet another win. In the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games — his last Olympic competitions — the already highly decorated medal winner took five gold medals and one silver medal. Making the achievement even more impressive is the fact that Phelps is 31 years old  and won against swimmers more than a decade younger than him.  As an Omega brand ambassador, Phelps retires in style with a record 23 Olympic Gold medals and an accumulated 28 Olympic medals in total.   In Athens 2004, Phelps won six gold medals and two bronze; in Beijing in 2008, he won eight gold medals; in London…

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How Omega Watches Times the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games

 |  August 11th, 2016

Earlier this week we brought you a look at a number of watch brands with brand ambassadors competing in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. What we didn’t’ bring you were the details of how Omega, the official timekeeper of the event, times those Games to perfect precision. It’s a mind-blowing science of technology, numbers and excellence that we as a 3.6-billion-viewer audience, the Olympic judges and the Olympic athletes have come to depend on as the all-told truth. This year marks the 28th year that Omega acts as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympics. As an Olympic Partner, the brand’s vital role is to provide such precise timing and imaging of every event so that there is no question…

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