What’s Ahead in the Smart Phone/SmartWatch War

 |  June 8th, 2014

Ok so before we even begin, let’s say it flat out – smart watches will NOT replace wristwatches. Not now, not ever. Wristwatches are works of art, innovation, and hand craftsmanship. They are signature statements of who you are, what you love, how far you’ve come in life. They are centuries old and destined — for centuries more — to be instrumental in life, style, fashion and passions. However, that said, there are smart watches out there that are reaching a new generation of device-happy tech-savvy information must haves. A friend of mine – also a watch lover – sometimes wears his smart watch. I hate it – it’s too much gadget, too much gizmo, too much info (besides, when…

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Audemars Piguet Watches Supports Broadway and the 2014 Tony Awards

 |  June 1st, 2014

The Tony Awards – Where Stars Align – is the Oscars of the live stage – where plays, musicals, revivals, actors, actresses, song writers and even choreographers are honored for their work. This year, with the 68th Tony Awards, the nominee lineup is superb. Hosting the event, is actor Hugh Jackman, Tony Award winner, Academy Award®-nominated and Golden Globe-winner. Also appearing during Broadway’s biggest night: Kevin Bacon, Carole King, Clint Eastwood, Ethan Hawke, and so many more. Even better: Audemars Piguet supports the 2014 Tony Awards and has a count-down clock ticking off the days, hours , minutes and seconds until the awards begin at 8:00 pm next Sunday June 8. These incredible awards will broadcast live from New York’s…

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Video: UNESCO World Heritage Site: Pantanal State Park

 |  May 18th, 2014

For this weekend’s sojourn, we travel to South America — with the Weather Channel. In this video, get a quick close-up look at the Pantanal — the world’s largest contingious wet lands — and its superb wildlife and water life with Matt Sampson. The Pantanal spans three countries — with the majority in Brazil, and  boasts one of the healthiest jaquar populations on earth. View the VIDEO HERE.

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Eat Your Heart Out! Chef Experience Extraordinaire at the Kentucky Derby Taste of Derby with Longines

 |  May 3rd, 2014

There are many stories behind the Kentucky Derby – the horses, jockeys and races, the hats (oh the hats), the bourbon, the food and more. It’s a lot to soak in. So, in several installments we will unroll the Kentucky Derby beginning with, since it is Saturday and we have a weekend sojourn here, the incredible Taste of Derby headliner chef event on Friday night, and the amazing Day 1 of Derby festivities. At Churchill Downs, famous race track with equally as famous surroundings in the lush Blue Grass state, one of the most amazing races in the equestrian world takes place –surrounded by a ton of pomp and circumstance. Friday night was the Taste of Derby event, wherein nearly…

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3 Top Ancient-Ruin Travel Destinations

 |  April 27th, 2014

This weekend sojourn, with summer nearly upon us, is the first in a series of amazing travel destinations. This week we focus on 3 top ancient places around the globe — all built in centuries BC. I have personally been to each of these ancient wonders and can honestly say the experience is exceptional. How many miles can you walk? Whatever that number is, do it at the Great Wall of China. Known as the Long City to Chinese, this series of fortifications – with some parts dating back to 220-206 BC and much of it built during the Ming dynasty – runs along the Silk Road and stretches more than 13,000 miles and offers breathtaking views and a time…

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