Time For Reflection – Father’s Day Perspective With TAG Heuer

 |  June 21st, 2015

Father’s Day takes on a different meaning for everyone. No two father/child relationships are alike. But there are probably a few universal traits that make up this appreciative day for dads. As a child I grew up with the idea that my dad was this super human who could do everything that I couldn’t. Who could answer my thousands of questions. The older I grew, the more I realized how much my dad did for us. He wasn’t just a full time father. He actually had a life outside of home. He went to work and dealt with issues that involved people other than our family. He had a life prior to just the 5 of us. A childhood, with…

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Introducing the Orbita GoldLight Flashlight Series — Great Dads/Grads Gifts

 |  June 7th, 2015

Orbita is one of the top brands for watch winders in the world. The thing is, this American company has so much more than watch winders to offer. One of the things we particularly love – and think is a great gift idea for the watch-loving dad or grad in your family – re the company’s superb flashlights.  The one to look at now: the Orbita Limited Edition Goldlight WatchLight. The flashlight – based on the brand’s best-selling line – is sold with limited edition sleeves that are held in place with 24-karat gold-plated end caps. The sleeves are handmade and are used to customize one of the brand’s top flashlights. Customized sleeves can run the gamut from incorporating cigar bands…

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Experiencing the Indy 500 with TAG Heuer, Patrick Dempsey and Marco and Mario Andretti

 |  May 25th, 2015

It’s as American as it gets. It’s not baseball or apple pie, but it is the heartland of America: the Indy 500. It’s a funny thing but this weekend, ATimelyPerspective had been invited on a number of trips, including the Monaco Grand Prix (also with TAG Hewer). The Indy 500 was the one I knew I couldn’t miss. I’ve been a car lover since I was in ninth grade. It’s in my veins – almost as much as being a journalist is, or writing about watches is. Anyway, the Indy 500 – for those who love cars – is the place to be: the race capital of America. (Yes, I’ve also been to other Formula 1 races, Nascar races, the…

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Weekend Sojourn – Experience Florida’s Captivating Captiva Island and South Seas Resort

 |  May 17th, 2015

Not all beaches are created equal. America’s southeastern state of Florida offers up some of the finest beaches in the country. What’s more, this enthralling state, rich with the Everglades, theme parks, nature’s keys and Cape Canaveral, offers visitors the charm of two coasts:  the wonderful blue Atlantic Ocean side; the peaceful turquoise Gulf of Mexico coast. It is on the Gulf side that some of the country’s – perhaps even the world’s – best beaches can be found. Captiva Island in the southern part of the state has much to offer: dunes, sea grass, mangrove, cypress and centuries-old banyan trees that are a haven for exotic birds (including brown pelicans, osprey, ibis, heron and cormorant). The shallow warm waters…

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Experience a State of Mind, Soul and Spirit (not to mention Blue Skies and Turquoise Waters) in Jamaica

 |  April 12th, 2015

There are islands that draw the attention of the rich and famous, islands that are secluded and promise peace and solitude, and then there are islands that offer pristine white beaches, ultimate turquoise waters, smiling faces, reggae music and a state of mind that is Caribbean through and through. This is Jamaica, mon. Jamaica is an island that pulses with life, buzzes with energy, and promises — and delivers – tropical beauty that is unparalleled. This one island moves from aqua waters to white sands,  lush jungles and foliage, stunning waterfalls, rivers for rafting, mountains, Blue Mountain coffee plantations and a culture and cuisine that is outstanding. While many may have an imaginary image of Jamaica that conjures a loud reggae culture,…

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