Close-Up Look at the Art of Jaeger-LeCoultre Hand Painted Watches (Slide Show)

 |  November 30th, 2015

Earlier this year,  I had the distinct pleasure of joining Jaeger-LeCoultre at their Manufacture in Le Sentier for a lesson in hand painting. Those who know me well, know that I have dabbled in hand painting over the years, thanks to my artist mother who was an avid painter on fine white china. She took white porcelain and — via hundreds of long hours and countless paintings and firings — turned each piece (dish, brooch, ring, earrings, bowls, urns, candelabras, etc.) into magnificent works of art. While i have made a couple of pieces under her tutelage that hang in my house (including a beautiful beach scene),  I could never dream to be half the artist she is. Every time i witness…

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Daylight Saving Time this Weekend: Fall Back

 |  October 31st, 2015

Daylight Saving Time in the United States ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday Nov. 2, when the clocks fall back by an hour. If you are not a night owl, you may want to  set your clocks back one hour on Saturday night before you go to bed. This way you won’tl miss that extra hour of sleep in the morning. The “fall back” weekend of the Spring ahead/fall back Daylight Saving time is also a good time to consider changing batteries in smoke alarms and other sensitive battery operated devices in the home. While the origins of DST are a bit unclear, we bring you a little insight into the history for true time junkies. Some credit the concept to American politician…

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New York has a New Watchmaking Training Program: Enter Patek Philippe Horology Training of New York

 |  October 12th, 2015

Earlier this year I had the distinct pleasure of joining the famed Patek Philippe for a training session in the brand’s state-of-the-art workshops at Rockefeller Center. Not only did we have full access to the facility and get to work with silicium (you can read more about that here), but also, we learned of an exciting new project the brand was working on. That project has now been officially launched: the Patek Philippe Horology Training Programme of New York. The program, whose first class started last week, is designed to ensure that there are enough watchmakers to handle after sales service of timepieces for the future. The program is the first of its kind established by the brand in New…

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Experience Watchmaking for a Weekend in Zurich

 |  July 31st, 2015

Always dream of going to Switzerland? Of seeing how watches are made? Well now you have your chance. The Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich is offering a “Luxurious Watchmaking Experience”  this summer and running through September 30, 2015. Operated as a special package by the iconic hillside-nesteld hotel, the event is designed to offer guests a unique watchmaking experience. Run by top Zurich retailer, Bucherer, the watchmaking class enables participants to gain a rare look inside the fascinating world of watchmaking. A  trained watchmaker will teach the art of beautiful timepieces via a once-in-a-lifetime look inside the best Swiss timepieces.  The package includes a two-night stay at the hotel, which also boasts an award-winning spa, and other amenities. Packages start at just about $3,000 per person.

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How To Spot a Fake Watch — NAWCC Introduces Luxury or Lie? Course

 |  July 14th, 2015

Watch education is an essential on-going tool of knowledge for any watch lover. Now, the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors has implemented a new educational course for watch lovers who really want to know how to spot a fake. The course, entitled Luxury or Lie? How to Identify Genuine Watches, is targeted to help jewelers, appraisers and watch buyers. The program has been designed and developed by the NAWCC along with wristwatch curator and instructor Adam Harris. The course includes an overview of watch types and establishes criteria for making judgments of authenticity based on comparative analysis. Essentially, throughout the multi-day workshop in Columbia, PA, participants will learn watch examination techniques and critical detection skills to discern the…

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