Louis Moinet Named by Guinness World Records ™ for ‘First Chronograph’

 |  November 22nd, 2016

  In a super exciting move, and following six months of thorough investigation of the brand and its claim as the inventor of the chronograph, Louis Moinet has been named the holder of the title of “First Chronograph” by the famed Guinness World Records organization that has been naming world records and firsts since 1955. The award was bestowed on the luxury watch brand for its invention of the chronograph by Louis Moinet in 1816, wherein he released the “Compteur de Tierces” watch. This year, the brand celebrated the 200th anniversary of the invention of the chronograph and has unveiled a host of exciting new chronograph watches, including several versions of the outstanding “Memoris” chronograph, which you can read about…

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Retail Jewelers: Get a Blog, Get the Millennials (Survey Results)

 |  November 18th, 2016

Recently, we discussed how the changing landscape in the watch industry may actually pave a new course for watch brands. You  can read about that here.  Interestingly enough, that article sparked a host of emails and conversations about the state of retail, as well.  Indeed, an unprecedented number of retail watch stores have, over the past couple of years, been closing their doors. Much of this is due to lack of traffic, lack of sales and a  lack of understanding how to  reach today’s millennial customers. One key solution is for retailers to reach out on line: get a blog, get the customers. Why You Should Blog About Watches: The retailer has a great website, and even a blog about watches.…

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Introducing the IWC USA-Exclusive: Portugieser Tourbillon Hand-Wound “D.H. Craig US” Watch

 |  October 18th, 2016

  Yes, the new watch from IWC is a mouthful. The Portugieser Tourbillon Hand-Wound “D.H. Craig US” Watch – unveiled today — is also an eyeful and a storyful. Well, “storyful” is not really a word, but in this case, it works. The beautiful watch pays homage to Florentine Ariosto Jones – the American founder of the now-famed Swiss brand. Today is the centennial of his death in 1916 – nearly 50 years after he founded The International Watch Company in Schaffhausen Switzerland in 1868. The watch though has so many different elements poured into it that it warrants a bit of a history lesson. Back in 1868, when the then 27-year-old Jones — who had been a watchmaker since…

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30 Reasons to Attend WatchTime New York this Saturday at Gotham Hall

 |  October 12th, 2016

Ok folks, if you are really a watch lover then you need to be in New York this Saturday for the WatchTime New York exhibition held at Gotham Hall in New York City. This is the second annual WatchTime New York show and it boasts a rich and informative schedule that includes more than 20 brands showcasing watches, celebrities, autos, panels, experts and more. In fact, we bring you more than 30 reasons to spend your Saturday at Gotham Hall. Beginning on Friday night, there is a watch enthusiast cocktail party with industry experts, brand executives, and collectors gathering to feast their eyes on the newest watches from more than 20 top brands. During the cocktail, guests will have time…

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How to Transform Your Watch into a Sporty Look in a Snap with a NATO Strap

 |  September 22nd, 2016

Want to take your watch from nice to “wow” when it comes to sporty appeal? Try on a NATO strap and you may never go back. Essentially, a NATO strap is a military-style strap that can be slipped through the watch lugs, looped under the caseback and out the other lug to attachto the wrist as a single piece of fabric or leather instead of the traditional watch strap that has two sides and closes with a buckle. Today’s NATO straps are most often made of nylon, canvas or leather (sometimes other materials, as well) that is rugged and can be removed from the watchcase easily, and be cleaned or replaced. These straps close via traditional hole-and-pin style buckles, so there is no…

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