Was the New Panerai PAM578 Titanium Tourbillon Special Edition Really a 3D Printed Watch?

 |  March 3rd, 2016

Just last month, our colleagues over at Panerai Central  — who cover everything  Panerai in brilliant style — wrote about the brand’s use of what  3-dimensional printing for the most recently released PAM578 Titanium Tourbillon Special Edition. Three-dimensional printing has made a big impact in  the watch industry over the past few years, but in this newest Panerai watch, the brand may have brought it to a new level. With the permission of Panerai Central, we bring you an excerpt here from their article on this industry advancement and the role Panerai’s new watch plays. “Everywhere you look, 3D printing capabilities and its uses are in the forefront of technology blogs. It was only about 20 years ago that color printing was…

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How Complicated Watchmaking Transcends Time Thanks to Breakthrough Thinking

 |  January 14th, 2016

Watch pundits of today often lament that all we create in watches now are throwback references to the past.  In fact, today’s watchmaking complications – freely defined as anything additional on a timepiece above and beyond the “simple” time indication – not only reflect the mechanical genius of generations ago, but also – and more importantly – reflect the genius thinkers of today and even tomorrow. Centuries ago, great watchmakers such as Abraham-Louis Breguet, Antoine LeCoultre and Adrien Philippe – among others – developed monumental inventions in watchmaking that brought us the keyless winding watch and even the tourbillon escapement (a device that compensates for errors in timekeeping due to the effects of gravity on the watch in certain positions.)…

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Don’t Miss The Luxury of Time Exhibition at the MET, NY, Now

 |  January 11th, 2016

The New Year is filled with grand surprises and for watch lovers and historian buffs of time – If you are planning to visit the Big Apple anytime soon — you will love this one.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) has a huge display recently installed that will have you marveling. The Luxury of Time: European Clocks and Watches exhibit opened in late November and will run through March 27, 2016. The exhibit draws on the Museum’s extensive holdings of French, English, Dutch, German, and Swiss horological instruments from the 16th through the 19th centuries. These incredible decorative clocks and watches were acquired primarily as objects of art or specialized pieces of furniture, and now they come together in the Wrightsman…

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How Chanel Embroiders Watch Dials — This One’s for the Women

 |  December 9th, 2015

In the world of fine watchmaking, a term (and form) has quietly emerged in the past decade that has come to be one of the most highly esteemed assets in timepieces: Métiers d’ Arts. From woodworking to sculpturing, creating a masterpiece on the dial of a watch is a coveted art that sets brands apart from one another. Chanel — Swiss-made watches inspired by the French-rooted brand – has not only mastered the Métiers d’ Arts concept, but also has brought it to new levels with its own unique Lesage method of hand embroidering diamonds, gold and pearls onto a watch dial. The technique is incredibly labor intensive, with everything done by hand in the France-based Maison Lesage workshops. Lesage,…

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Close-Up Look at the Art of Jaeger-LeCoultre Hand Painted Watches (Slide Show)

 |  November 30th, 2015

Earlier this year,  I had the distinct pleasure of joining Jaeger-LeCoultre at their Manufacture in Le Sentier for a lesson in hand painting. Those who know me well, know that I have dabbled in hand painting over the years, thanks to my artist mother who was an avid painter on fine white china. She took white porcelain and — via hundreds of long hours and countless paintings and firings — turned each piece (dish, brooch, ring, earrings, bowls, urns, candelabras, etc.) into magnificent works of art. While i have made a couple of pieces under her tutelage that hang in my house (including a beautiful beach scene),  I could never dream to be half the artist she is. Every time i witness…

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