Storage Wars: USB Keys at SIHH 2017

 |  January 24th, 2017

Those who have been following ATimelyPerspective know that we enjoy taking a break from the seriousness of timepieces once in a while and focusing on things that are — well — a little fun. Each year after the shows, we present the most creative or best USB sticks. On these grand devices, the watch brands store all of their photos and information and the USBs are the key to opening the goods (so to speak). This year we had some interesting pieces that were repeats of last year — including the light bulb from Manufacture Royale — but we focus instead on the new USB introductions.  H. Moser et Cie had a lot of fun playing off of the brand’s Swiss-made statement. The…

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Five Fantastic Meteorite Dial Watches on the Wrist

 |  January 9th, 2017

Last month on Haute Time we introduced seven great watches with meteorite dials. Here we bring you a look at that article and at another five fantastic meteorite dial watches ….     Easily one of the most exciting ways to bring the stars and sky to the wrist is via a watch with a meteorite dial. However, that is no easy feat. Meteorites are hard to come by, and once secured, they are difficult to work into the form of  a watch dial. However, this is part of the allure of owning a rare meteorite for the wrist. Currently, approximately  a dozen brands that turn to meteorite for certain timepieces, make no mistake: this is a rare material. The fact that…

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Sexy Lingerie Meets Millions in Mouawad Jewels: Victoria’s Secret Runway Show

 |  December 6th, 2016

Last night the annual Victoria’s Secret runway show took place in Paris and all eyes were on the sexy models — with feathered Angel wings — strutting not only steamy looking lingerie but also $12 million in diamond and gemstone jewelry from Mouawad.The theme for this year’s Victoria’s Secret runway left, in my opinion, a little to be desired, with Swiss Alps type gear and other unusual looks. However, the stunning Mouawad jewelry on the necks, ears and wrists could have had you drooling if you weren’t staring so intensely at other spots. Every once in a while, we here at ATimelyPerspective have to make exceptions to the “watches only” rule even when it is not a weekend sojourn. We think this…

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6 Sensational Pocket Watches of 2016

 |  November 21st, 2016

Recently for Haute Living magazine, I wrote about several top pocket watches, which made me take a closer look at the trend in today’s watch world when it comes to these gentlemanly timepieces. Here we bring you  six pretty impressive pocket watches that range in price from several thousand to several hundred thousand —  proving that there is something out there for everyone. From Tissot, the new Swiss made hand-wound  Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical watch features deep blue steel hands and  for stunning appeal. It is crafted in either 316L stainless steel with rose gold or gray PVD coating. The 45mm watch features a mineral crystal and is sold with chain.It retails for an incredible $675. From Bovet 1822,  the Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Virtuoso VII timepiece is…

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Retail Jewelers: Get a Blog, Get the Millennials (Survey Results)

 |  November 18th, 2016

Recently, we discussed how the changing landscape in the watch industry may actually pave a new course for watch brands. You  can read about that here.  Interestingly enough, that article sparked a host of emails and conversations about the state of retail, as well.  Indeed, an unprecedented number of retail watch stores have, over the past couple of years, been closing their doors. Much of this is due to lack of traffic, lack of sales and a  lack of understanding how to  reach today’s millennial customers. One key solution is for retailers to reach out on line: get a blog, get the customers. Why You Should Blog About Watches: The retailer has a great website, and even a blog about watches.…

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