Five Great Pilot Watches (Great Holiday Gifts for those Inspired by the Sky)

 |  December 3rd, 2015

From the Battle of the Bulge to infinity and beyond, the pilot watch has been an integral tool in the history of aviation. Highly engineered, innovative watches traveled with trailblazing aviators Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart, broke the sound barrier with test pilot Chuck Yeager, and even made it to the moon with Neil Armstrong. As aviation and space travel soar into a high-tech future, so does the precision pilot watch. Top brands offer timepieces with the latest advancements in timekeeping, luminescence, and durability. In its Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon chronograph ($12,000), for instance, Omega celebrates tits legacy in space travel. The watch is crafted in ceramic with a sandblasted platinum dial, it features a Super-LuminNova tachymeter scale on…

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Vroom, Vroom …. Five Watches Inspired by Cars

 |  July 30th, 2015

  Summer. …  Time to take the tops down on those convertibles, visit the local racetracks, and basically enjoy the mechanics of great automobiles. For those who love the fine tuning of a car, the precision of its engine and the sleek beauty of its profile — it may please you to know that these are also the defining factors of several key timepieces from watch brands that have closely aligned themselves with the world of automobiles. Seen in the photo above: Sleek, sophisticated automotive design inspired this Bovet Pininfarina Sergio Split-Second Chronograph. It is powered by a self-winding mechanical moment and is crafted in shot-blasted stainless steel in the brand’s much-loved 45mm Amadeo® Convertible case (which can transform from…

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Las Vegas Watch and Jewelry Week Reveals a Roster of Well-Crafted Sports Watches

 |  June 11th, 2015

By Marie A. Picon Versatile, attractive and typically feature-packed, sport watches have been edging out dress watches as wardrobe essentials for years now. If your go-to daily wearer is more “garage” than “gala,” more “cockpit” than “conservatory,” then watchmakers had consumers like you in mind as they prepared for this year’s Couture and JCK trade shows in Las Vegas, where we found lots of interesting new sports watches. Among the most notable exhibitors was Bremont, which showed two new models produced as part of its continuing partnership with aircraft giant Boeing. Like the hardened stainless steel that Bremont uses in other models, a prime feature of the Bremont Boeing Model 1 TI-GMT and the Bremont Boeing Model 247 TI-GMT chronograph…

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Meet the Watch Lover’s Dream: Govberg OnTime, the All-in-One Watch App

 |  May 12th, 2015

Not sure when your favorite watch was serviced last? Thinking about buying a new watch? Maybe even a vintage watch? Searching around the Internet looking for the latest articles from the best watch blogs out there? Stop a moment and download the new, free Govberg OnTime app for your iPhone or iPad (android versions coming soon). Govberg, a retail jeweler with nearly 100 years of history as a brick-and-mortar store, recently released its cutting-edge, all-in-one-place watch app for collectors and enthusiasts.Govberg OnTime offers real-time news feeds from the industry’s leading media sources – including ATimelyPerspective, of course. It also offers a host of utilities for watch collectors to manage their own personal collections. Called “My Watch Box,” this area allows…

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Apple Watch Pre-Orders Soar, But Can It Deliver?

 |  April 17th, 2015

As we wrap up our week-long look at SmartWatches from traditional watch brands, we think it is only fitting to take a look at the leader of the SmartWatch pack from the technological side: the Apple Watch. Yes, one of our contributors and a true watch lover has pre-ordered his Apple Watch, as have many tech-savvy followers of ours — demonstrating that a love of technology and traditional watches are not mutually exclusive. And, as the pre-orders for this device rise into the millions, we can’t help but wonder just what kind of impact it will have on our daily lives and on society for that matter. We will certainly see a generation more connected than ever before. With the Apple Watch, it seems…

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