Bulgari’s Diagono Magnesium Smart Watch Gives You Military-Level Security On Your Wrist!

 |  April 14th, 2015

Imagine if you could keep all of your personal information in one place  — around your wrist. And better yet, have it be always accessible and safely stored. In an age where confidential information is becoming harder and harder to keep secure, Bulgari’s new Diagono Magnesium is able to keep your most sensitive material stored with military-level security. At this year’s BaselWorld, the brand released its concept, “vault on the wrist” watch, which is very unlike other technologically integrated timepieces on the current market. Derived from a jeweler’s background with a security-driven mindset, the Swiss watchmaker Bulgari teamed up with the World Internet Security Company, WISeKey, to create an all-Swiss partnership. WISeKey, a Geneva based company, specializes in securing digital…

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SmartWatch Week — Day 1: Can Traditional Watch Brands Compete in the Smart Watch World?

 |  April 13th, 2015

As we have said before, BaselWorld is a beast waiting to be tamed. Much like the watch version of an auto show, hundreds upon hundreds of brands introduce the newest models that are set to come out in the months to follow. This year’s BaselWorld Fair in Switzerland brought us an array of new designs and concepts. However, most notable — and talked about — at the fair was the trend towards watches that integrated with smart technology. And while Apple brought the hype of a connected and intelligent watch to the public’s attention, their absence at the 2015 BaselWorld Fair symbolically tells us that the effect of the smart-watch on the horological industry is not clear cut. April 2015 marks…

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Fendi Timepieces Unveils Momento Bag Bug Watches — Put on Your Angry Face (BaselWorld 2015)

 |  April 10th, 2015

There were a lot of great watches at BaselWorld this year – from the high-tech, to the haute-horology and even space-age-like watches. Then there were the classics, the retros, the refined. But then – there were the fun, whimsical watches that just let you breathe in and out with a smile. Fendi Timepieces unveiled one of those. Meet the Fendi Momento Bag Bugs capsule collection of angry-eyed watches for women and men. The Bag Bug is a tiny creature that the brand created years ago as a good luck charm, and that has been used as a bag accent, a key chain and in all sorts of ways. Now Fendi brings the angry eyes of the whimsical bag bug to…

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Zenith Celebrates 150 Years and Classic Racing with the El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Edition

 |  April 9th, 2015

By Ryan Walsh The concept of “Pushing the limits” applies to many different things. In some aspects it’s racing a car at full tilt, pushing your skills to the absolute limit, or taking all your creative skills, and building a masterpiece of innovation. That is what Zenith has been doing – time and again – in its watchmaking efforts: pushing is limits and creating timepieces of exception that cross may realms. During its 150 years, Zenith has produced watches for exploration and adventure. In recent years, the brand has delved into sea, land and air – even all the way to the heights of the stratosphere (on the wrist of adventurer Felix Baumgartner as he performed a free-fall jump from…

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How Much Can You Fit into 45MM? A lot if you are IWC — Check Out the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Digital-Date Month Edition 75th Anniversary Watch (Video)

 |  April 6th, 2015

By Gordon Henderson To commemorate the 75th anniversary of IWC’s Portugieser line, the brand has unveiled the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Digital-Date Month Edition “75th Anniversary.” For the most part, the lengthy name lists the complications found in the piece, and, given the breadth of features listed, it would appear IWC has paid proper tribute to the line that was created at the request of the Portuguese Navy. The Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Digital-Date combines the classical styling aesthetics of this great collection, with a few modern touches – designed to take the line forward for the next 75 years. As stated earlier, the 45mm watch is a real powerhouse, hosting a bevy of complications: perpetual calendar, large digital date and month…

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