Meet Martian Voice Command Watches … A Pretty Cool Smart Watch

 |  December 28th, 2015

It has been an incredible year for Smartwatches. From announcements made in March at BaselWorld by top watch brands to the launch of the Apple Smartwatch — being connected has never been more relevant. The thing is, some brands were already in the “connected” field before this year. Such is the case with Martian Watches  — a California-based company that offers stylish, affordable connected watches. Recently, I had the chance to wear one of the brand’s Martian Voice watches  for a while and I have to say i was impressed. To begin with, the black and red  packaging is simple but nice — as it should be for a watch that retails for under $300. While Martian Watches offers several Smart…

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Hands On with the Armin Strom Skeleton Pure — Purely Beautiful in its Newest Rendition

 |  November 10th, 2015

We have written about Armin Strom here many times before. It is a brand we respect for its dedication to watchmaking and remaining true to its values.  Now, we are thrilled to bring you the newest Skeleton Pure watch as presented just a couple of weeks ago at the WatchTime New York event. A fascinating work of mechanical prowess and alluring architecture, the new 18-karat white gold watch features   a movement with layered construction of the components. Made in house, the  Calibre ARM09-S is skeletonized,  and the bridges are highly accentuated in bold blue thanks to a special three-dimensional PVD colorization. Trained artisans meticulously plate the bridges with rhodium in the workshop’s dedicated electroplating department to protect the color and lustre of the…

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One Watch Collector’s View of the New Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch — With a Hint of the “Only Watch” Version

 |  October 15th, 2015

The emotions felt by watch enthusiasts typical run from extreme highs to the extreme lows. Typically the cause for the range of emotions felt by horologists stems from the availability or unavailability of a desired piece. When Tudor unveiled its contribution to Only Watch  an even more vintage interpretation of its beloved Black Bay series, the range of emotions ran the gamut. The watch seemed to capture perfectly the sought-after aesthetics of the big crown Tudor and Rolex watches of the past. The only thing wrong with the watch was that only one of those will ever be produced. Well, today we have good news, Tudor is releasing the Heritage Black Bay Black — a watch that retains the styling elements of…

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Introducing Movado Edge – Built in Collaboration with Industrial Designer Yves Béhar

 |  October 6th, 2015

For the first time since 2010, Movado unveils an all-new watch family inspired by the iconic Museum Dial. The new line, Movado Edge, was created by world famous industrial designer Yves Béhar, who puts a 21st century spin on the legendary dot. Béhar and his firm, FuseProject, bring a three-dimensional aspect to the watch dial – creating a concave dial that reaches down from the edges to a bowl- or dish-shape that is at once alluring and modernistic. “We are very excited about the Movado Edge collection,” says Efraim Grinberg CEO and Chairman of Movado Group. “Béhar just gets it. He is a superb designer and he knew how to take the design to the next level; he just got…

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Off The Cuff : Linde Werdelin’s SpidoLite Titanium Is Masculine Yet Majestic

 |  August 24th, 2015

There’s something especially unique about how Linde Werdelin blends analog time-keeping with such technical details that always keeps you coming back for more. Recently ATimelyPerspective had the opportunity to get an up close vantage point with the brand’s highly esteemed SpidoLite Titanium. Within the two weeks of wearing it there was never a dull moment, a fortnight was just a tease. Earlier this summer we covered Linde Werdelin’s SpidoSpeed Titanium and touched on how its rugged toughness and detailed craftsmanship epitomizes the brand’s essence. It was no surprise that the SpidoLite Titanium further demonstrates the genuine quality and usefulness that the brand strives for. The appropriately sized 44mm casing is made out of the same Titanium Grade 5 material which…

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