Apple Watch Pre-Orders Soar, But Can It Deliver?

 |  April 17th, 2015

As we wrap up our week-long look at SmartWatches from traditional watch brands, we think it is only fitting to take a look at the leader of the SmartWatch pack from the technological side: the Apple Watch. Yes, one of our contributors and a true watch lover has pre-ordered his Apple Watch, as have many tech-savvy followers of ours — demonstrating that a love of technology and traditional watches are not mutually exclusive. And, as the pre-orders for this device rise into the millions, we can’t help but wonder just what kind of impact it will have on our daily lives and on society for that matter. We will certainly see a generation more connected than ever before. With the Apple Watch, it seems…

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Bulgari’s Diagono Magnesium Smart Watch Gives You Military-Level Security On Your Wrist!

 |  April 14th, 2015

Imagine if you could keep all of your personal information in one place  — around your wrist. And better yet, have it be always accessible and safely stored. In an age where confidential information is becoming harder and harder to keep secure, Bulgari’s new Diagono Magnesium is able to keep your most sensitive material stored with military-level security. At this year’s BaselWorld, the brand released its concept, “vault on the wrist” watch, which is very unlike other technologically integrated timepieces on the current market. Derived from a jeweler’s background with a security-driven mindset, the Swiss watchmaker Bulgari teamed up with the World Internet Security Company, WISeKey, to create an all-Swiss partnership. WISeKey, a Geneva based company, specializes in securing digital…

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SmartWatch Week — Day 1: Can Traditional Watch Brands Compete in the Smart Watch World?

 |  April 13th, 2015

As we have said before, BaselWorld is a beast waiting to be tamed. Much like the watch version of an auto show, hundreds upon hundreds of brands introduce the newest models that are set to come out in the months to follow. This year’s BaselWorld Fair in Switzerland brought us an array of new designs and concepts. However, most notable — and talked about — at the fair was the trend towards watches that integrated with smart technology. And while Apple brought the hype of a connected and intelligent watch to the public’s attention, their absence at the 2015 BaselWorld Fair symbolically tells us that the effect of the smart-watch on the horological industry is not clear cut. April 2015 marks…

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Experience a State of Mind, Soul and Spirit (not to mention Blue Skies and Turquoise Waters) in Jamaica

 |  April 12th, 2015

There are islands that draw the attention of the rich and famous, islands that are secluded and promise peace and solitude, and then there are islands that offer pristine white beaches, ultimate turquoise waters, smiling faces, reggae music and a state of mind that is Caribbean through and through. This is Jamaica, mon. Jamaica is an island that pulses with life, buzzes with energy, and promises — and delivers – tropical beauty that is unparalleled. This one island moves from aqua waters to white sands,  lush jungles and foliage, stunning waterfalls, rivers for rafting, mountains, Blue Mountain coffee plantations and a culture and cuisine that is outstanding. While many may have an imaginary image of Jamaica that conjures a loud reggae culture,…

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Aston Martin, Caddy, and – yes- Honda take Top Spots at the New York International Auto Show

 |  April 11th, 2015

By Ryan Walsh If you are in the tri-state area this weekend, it is your last opportunity to attend the New York International Auto Show at the Javits  Center. The show, which runs from April 3 through April 12, is well worth the trek. This is the show wherein top auto manufacturers get the opportunity to display their newest and greatest vehicles and concept cars for the public. My favorite concept car revealed this year is easily the Aston Martin Vulcan. Aston Martin had been dropping teasers of this beastly looking car for weeks prior to the unveiling and has been driving car fanatics crazy–  leaving them on the edge of their seats until they can see more. Well at the car show,…

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